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Maison Year End Awards & Talent Show 2023 – Ho Chi Minh City Opens a Series of Events

Two weeks before the start of Lunar New Year, Maison RMI Ho Chi Minh City burned with all its might at the year-end party – the most spectacular event of the year on January 22, 2024. Participating in this event were members from various provinces in the South: Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Vung Tau, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Can Tho, and Ca Mau, along with the presence of two “new faces” from Kien Giang and Da Lat.

Increasing the number of participants compared to last year, Year End Awards & Talent Show 2023 HCM has the participation of more than 800 employees from the office and store sectors. Maison’s biggest event of the year was organized and coordinated by various departments to create a well-organized and perfect evening. This also served as a playground for Maison’s members to freely express themselves after a productive and diligent year of work. 

To welcome the joyful and exciting atmosphere of the party night, the backdrop check-in of the Board of Directors and staff before the event is indispensable. Carrying the true spirit of being a fashion company, the members are extremely gorgeous and shine against the blue background of the backdrop – the main color of Year-End Party 2023.

Maison RMI

CEO Mai Son in a handbag and “bling bling” shoes from Le Silla and Executive Chairman in a blue vest carrying the spirit of this year’s dress code

Maison RMI

The beautiful and powerful lady bosses of Maison RMI

In the Black – White – Blue dresscode (bling bling), Maisonistas dressed up and confidently strode to the backdrop like a fashion week 

Teams take turns checking in to capture the moments before entering the new year with their teammates standing side by side every day

Year End Awards & Talent Show 2023 is undoubtedly the most anticipated time of the year for Maisonistas. In this moment, we have the opportunity to gather and reflect on the challenges and successes of 2023, creating a strong motivation to enter 2024 with confidence and determination to conquer even greater goals.

Maison RMI

The highlight of this year’s Year-End Party night is the catwalk fashion show as well as the opening show from GIGI and the outfits in the brand’s latest collection

Maison RMI

Next, CEO Mai Son and Executive Chairman had a few friendly messages to the Maison family before the party

Maison RMI

CEO Mai Son, Executive Chairman and 2 MCs raised their glasses with the members below to open the party night

Maison RMI

Maison family congratulated the party on a successful night

Dynamic, surprising, and full of emotion – those are the words used to describe the spectacular level of performances from the brands. This year, Luckydraw collaborated with the Lotto calling show from Saigon New Era, causing Maison members to feel excited and suspenseful.

Maison RMI

Havaianas Can Tho opened the night with a solo performance “Nam qua toi da lam gi” filled with a spring atmosphere

Maison RMI

Next, the PEDRO team had a spectacular introduction combining singing, rapping and catwalk called PEDRO Icon, leading the audience from one surprise to another

Maison RMI

Next, the PEDRO team made a spectacular debut by combining singing, rapping, and catwalk in a performance called “PEDRO Icon,” leading the audience from one surprise to another

Maison RMI

Ted Baker brings a performance steeped in the rich traditions of Vietnamese literature through the play “De Mi noi cho ma nghe” and the song “Tet dong day”

Maison RMI

The audience experienced many emotions with the PUMA team with the powerful voice through “Never Enough”, followed by an impressive dance performance of Mashup of BLACKPINK’s songs and ending with a catwalk show in PUMA’s designs

Maison RMI

Contestant Havaianas HCM was still very “slay” alone in the modern dance performance “Ready for it” thanks to his excellent ability to stir up and master the stage

Maison RMI

MLB had an extremely impressive performance when skillfully “playing” with melodies from USUK to KPOP, causing the judges to excitedly step onto the stage and dance along

Maison RMI

Closing the performance, CHARLES & KEITH decided to fight to the end with the performance “Mien Dat Hua” including modern dance and catwalk in costumes imbued with the culture of the 3 regions: North – Central – South. Finally, there was a curtain call imbued with Drag Queen culture with the rap song “Nhu Hinh Voi Bong”

Maison RMI

The audience shouted loudly and joined in the fiery performances of their colleagues

So Maison’s Talents had the opportunity to reveal a different side that had never been shown before. The organizers of the Maison Got Talent 2023 contest would like to congratulate the outstanding individuals/groups who won prizes in the contest and hope you have had moments filled with joy. List of winning teams:

First prize goes to team CHARLES & KEITH with catwalk & dance performance

The second prize belongs to 2 teams:

  • MLB with Mashup Dance
  • PUMA with Singing, Dancing & Catwalk

The third prize went to 3 teams:

  • PEDRO with Singing & Catwalk performance
  • Havaianas HCM with Solo Hiphop Dancing

And consolation prize belongs to 2 teams:

  • Havaianas Can Tho with Solo Singing
  • Ted Baker with Singing & Dancing

Maison RMI

Các đội thi cùng nhau kéo lên sân khấu ăn mừng giải thưởng và một đêm tất niên tuyệt vời

Maison RMI Outstanding Employee Honor Award

With the criteria set, after the voting process, the following names were honored as the best employees of the year:

Best Leader of The Year 2023 

  1. Hà Văn Nhiệm – Exim Manager
  2. Nguyễn Minh Khoa – Finance Manager
  3. Nguyễn Thị Tuyết Nhung – Customer Service Manager
  4. Trần Thị Hồng Nhi – Marketing Manager


Most Valuable Player of The Year 2023

  1. Nguyễn Phương Khanh – L&D, Service Trainer
  2. Lê Thanh Danh – MKT Design Team Leader
  3. Châu Bích Hoa – Admin Executive
  4. Võ Thị Kim Thoa – Recruitment Specialist
  5. Lê Mỹ Nghi – ACCT, AR Supervisor Ecom
  6. Ngô Công Thọ – Senior Brand Financial & Budget Analyst
  7. Phan Văn Hạ – IT App System Team Leader
  8. Hoàng Kim Tiến – CRM Specialist
  9. Nguyễn Thu Uyên – Purchasing Specialist
  10. Trần Trí Thông – EXIM, Inbound Specialist
  11. Nguyễn Phát Tài – Maintenance Executive
  12. Đặng Quốc Việt – ECOM, Operation Executive
  13. Thới Lục – Warehouse Executive
  14. Nguyễn Quốc Đình Quyên – Customer Experience Supervisor


Best Seller of The Year 2023

  1. Trần Bảo Ngọc – GIGI Saigon Centre
  2. Nguyễn Văn Trường – Coach Saigon Centre
  3. Ngô Thị Minh Thư – D2 Saigon Centre
  4. Lê Ngọc Thu Huyền – Ted Baker Vincom Dong Khoi
  5. Nguyễn Thành Lộc – Pedro Van Hanh Mall
  6. Ngô Mã Huyền – Havaianas Ca Mau
  7. Văn Xuân Quỳnh Như – Mujosh Vincom Van Hanh Mall
  8. Nguyễn Thanh Phong – Skechers Van Hanh Mall
  9. Đổ Thị Tuyết Nhi – MLB Hung Vuong Plaza
  10. Triệu Phát Đạt – Puma Crescent Mall
  11. Nguyễn Phương Sơn – Charles & Keith Aeon Mall Tan Phu
  12. Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Hân – Max&Co. Saigon Centre
  13. Đỗ Hòa Bình – Marhen.J Saigon Centre


Best Store of The Year 2023

  1. Top 1: MLB Saigon Centre
  2. Top 2: CHARLES & KEITH Vincom Dong Khoi
  3. Top 3: CHARLES & KEITH Le Van Sy


Best Operation Team of The Year 2023

  1. Top 1: MLB HCM
  3. Top 3: PEDRO HCM


The sounds of laughter, present joy, and overflowing happiness at the Year End Awards & Talent Show 2023 event. Hopefully, this will be a motivation to create a strong connection within our internal strength, while being ready for the next year with many challenges and successes awaiting ahead.

Ho Chi Minh City is where the fun begins, don’t forget that we still have two upcoming rendezvous in Da Nang and Hanoi. Let’s stay tuned and look forward to the latest updates on Maison RMI’s fanpage and official website!


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