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List Of Sustainable Fashion Brands At Maison RMI

April is the month that focuses on the environment, with the Earth Day event taking place on the 22nd of the month. Many fashion brands at Maison RMI have joined hands to convey the message of “preserving the Earth” through shopping programs with attractive gifts and deals.

Earth Day takes place on April 22nd every year and is an occasion to honor the beauty of the Earth, as well as raise awareness and call people to action to protect the environment for future generations. Currently, to contribute to the goal of “making the planet green again”, many fashion brands have developed and launched environmentally friendly products.

At Maison RMI, sustainable fashion brands such as Marhen.J, Havaianas and PEDRO have organized extremely attractive activities to spread the message of environmental protection. Let’s find out more about these three brands with Maison RMI.


Launched in 2015, Marhen.J is a Korean vegan fashion handbag brand. With the orientation of a sustainable fashion brand, Marhen.J always upholds the selection of the most environmentally friendly production materials. Therefore, the production materials are guaranteed to be 100% plant-based, recycled or imitation leather, such as apple leather, nylon mipan regen, eco canvas, or recycled fleece from plastic, etc.

Besides setting the environment as a core value, Marhen.J focuses on fashionable and high-applicable designs. Marhen.J’s bags have a minimal and sophisticated design so that they always stay modern and up-to-date over time. In the world’s sustainable fashion trend, Marhen.J makes its mark thanks to the perfection of vegan materials, diverse designs and an Earth-tone color palette, suitable for the needs and fashion styles of every customer.

List Of Sustainable Fashion Brands At Maison RMIWith a beautiful “vegan” fashion collection with diverse colors, Marhen.J’s designs are must-have items in young people’s wardrobes.

In response to Earth Day, on April 15, Marhen.J accompanied BusinessWoman Magazine to bring the Workshop “Refresh & Repot”, to spread the message of green living and awareness of pursuing environmentally responsible fashion.

List Of Sustainable Fashion Brands At Maison RMIThrough planting trees and learning about the materials that make up sustainable products, Marhen.J has spread a positive message to young people on Earth Day.

List Of Sustainable Fashion Brands At Maison RMIThe workshop was attended by many young people, especially with the presence of MC Lieu Ha Trinh and her husband.


Havaianas is a famous flip-flop brand founded in Brazil in 1962. Adopting the name Havaianas, meaning “Hawaiian” in Portuguese, the brand recalls a vibrant holiday with summer vibes: endless and full of exotic destinations.

In the market of flip flops that are already familiar to consumers, what makes Havaianas stand out and be loved is the message “Let’s make a free planet together.” Inspired by Japanese Zori sandals with canvas straps and woven straw soles, Havaianas has replaced the straw material with premium Brazilian rubber with a formula refined to ensure the most eco-friendly. As a result, up to 40% of the materials that make up Havaianas branded fashion accessories are recycled: causing the brand to invest in low-carbon materials to reduce waste and have a positive impact on the community. In addition to the criteria for being environmentally friendly, Havaianas also focuses on the values brought to “people” through designs with unique colors and patterns, evoking the endless liberal spirit that the brand wants to convey. 

List Of Sustainable Fashion Brands At Maison RMIHavaianas’ designs are bold in the spirit of freedom and generosity, as well as rich in nature and life.

On the occasion of Earth Day, Havaianas has brought an exclusive offer – the brand is giving away 01 Sustainability Tote Bag for a full-price bill when buying flip-flops at Havaianas. The program runs from 06/04 to 23/04/2023.

List Of Sustainable Fashion Brands At Maison RMIThrough this program, Havaianas wants to spread the message of “one daily small action can contribute to a greener planet” by using Tote Bags to reduce the use of plastic bags.


PEDRO is a fashion brand for men and women belonging to the CHARLES & KEITH group, established in 2005 with the main style of elegant and luxurious appearance. As one of the brands that actively act for the environment, rePEDRO has been born in response to Earth Day in previous years. Accordingly, the name rePEDRO comes from Review, Rethink, Respond and Reflect, to review the source of raw materials, launch new products and call on consumers to join hands in the journey of making the Earth greener.

With the message “Do better for a better Earth”, rePEDRO has launched innovative and unique designs that are unique and environmentally friendly, to support sustainable fashion trends. The collections in rePEDRO all use durable materials such as organic cotton instead of regular cotton, or denim with natural fibers that can be easily recycled, helping to reduce fashion waste.

List Of Sustainable Fashion Brands At Maison RMIThe designs in rePEDRO are bold with the spirit of a “green” lifestyle with many eye-catching designs and carefully selected materials.

In response to Earth Day and towards a sustainable lifestyle in every smallest action, PEDRO offers customers a cashback offer of 50.000 VND  when shopping without using paper bags at all PEDRO stores nationwide.

List Of Sustainable Fashion Brands At Maison RMIPEDRO’s Earth Day promotion program took place on 29/03 and attracted many customers.


Marhen.J, Havaianas, PEDRO and other brands at Maison RMI are joining hands in building a green planet. During this month of Earth Day, don’t forget to contribute to the global goal with small actions, like shopping for sustainable fashion products.

In the journey of building a sustainable wardrobe, please visit Maison Online’s website to choose high-quality and trendy fashion products:

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