Exploring The Factors That Make Coach Stand Out For Decades In The Heart Of Fashion Lovers

Continuously appearing on both the runway and at luxury parties, Coach is no longer too strange for domestic and foreign fans. Is there a magical force that has kept the brand famous in the high-fashion market for nearly a century?

Originated From European Royalty

In the beginning, Coach was born under the name Gali Leather Products – a handmade leather goods factory with only 6 workers. Focusing on classical and luxurious values, all of the brand’s products are made with high-quality genuine leather, honoring the exquisite beauty of European royalty.

Coach’s aristocratic spirit is even more portrayed through the extremely sharp logo design designed by Bonnie Cashin – the author of the groundbreaking Coach bags that made the brand’s name.

Coach integrates traditional values, noble social status, and royal dignity through the symbol of a chariot and horse in its unique logo.

The World’s Modern Fashion Pioneer


As a robust and influential fashion brand worldwide, few people know that Coach was created in special circumstances before the changes of the times.

That was also the time when Coach was successfully reborn in the luxury fashion market when Cashin decided to pioneer the Modern Luxury style towards young, dynamic, and modern customers.

Combining traditional heritage with a fresh youthful spirit, this historic change has helped Coach score a perfect score in the hearts of the most demanding guests.

Instead of worrying too much about exclusivity, Coach focuses on product authenticity and versatility. This turning point has helped the brand create a fashion empire with more than 1000 global stores that are fresh and innovative but still retain classic and traditional elegance.

Rejuvenated With Sophisticated Marketing Campaigns

Not only is it a powerful retailer, but Coach is also considered a smart marketer as it is constantly rejuvenating the brand with extremely effective modern communication campaigns.

One of the brand’s most successful campaigns is to get users to take pictures of products with their pets and post them on Instagram. After the end of the campaign, Coach’s sales and brand value increased to a record level that any fashion giant must admire.

Collaboration with a series of famous and influential people such as actress Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc, Miss World Vietnam Luong Thuy Linh, Miss Universe Vietnam 1st runner-up Thao Nhi Le, etc. have also helped Coach leave a strong impression in Vietnam.

Original Design Makes A Unique Mark

Using its heritage as a design inspiration for herself is the key to Coach’s ability to transform fashion styles constantly but always maintain its prestige in the public eye.

One of the outstanding campaigns that made the brand’s name was Vintage Coach (Re)Loved. By exchanging used handbags or designing and repairing some old leather, the Vintage Coach (Re)Loved campaign allowed every fashionista to transform into a craftsman continue to draw the fashion cycle and contribute to spreading the ethos of a sustainable lifestyle.

With the motto “Wear it, Love it, Pass it on”, the brand wishes to adorn the high-end fashion industry more beautiful, luxurious, and green through the Vintage Coach (Re)Loved campaign.


Bringing both modern and traditional styles, Coach is always a brand that attracts the eyes of any fashionista around the world, including Vietnam.

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