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Duy Khanh – The Only Vietnamese Representative Sitting Front-row At COACH Show (NYFW)

Duy Khanh surprised the mass by confirming his attendance at New York Fashion Week this year 2023. He is the only representative of Vietnam to participate in COACH New York Fashion and sitting in the front-row (front row).

“As far as I know, the people who get to sit in the front row not only meet the formal requirements such as having appropriate attires but also they have to have a certain level of influence in the fashion industry. Although I am not a rookie but not necessarily a veteran fashionista, I am honored to be trusted by the brand, given the front-row seat, which is considered to be one of ‘the faces’ of the show. Khanh was impressed by the brand’s designs as well satisfied by the feeling of being a true fashionista.”

Duy Khanh tai NYFW 2023 2

Choosing the jacket and leather skirt set from Coach, the actor enthusiastically promoted the gender-fluid fashion trend that is “storming” the international fashion scene

Duy Khanh ngoi hang ghe Dau NYFW 2023

Duy Khanh sits in the front-row at the Coach show at New York Fashion Week

Always aiming for luxury, class and always innovating to assert themselves, at the runway within the framework of the New York Fashion Week event, Coach has launched the Spring 2023 collection with the participation of many big and influential stars in the international fashion industry.

Duy Khanh tai NYFW 2023 1

Duy Khanh joins actor Dove Cameron (left) best known for playing Mal, Maleficent’s daughter in Disney’s Descendants series, and models from Thai – Blue and Nychaa in the Coach Fall 2023 designs

Duy Khanh tai NYFW 2023

Duy Khanh pitted against 2 male beauties Liu Yu (left) – leader of group INTO1 from China and Tae-yang Yu (right) – member of Kpop group SF9

Founded in 1941, Coach is a leading designer brand in luxurious, modern and stylish accessory collections, with a long-standing reputation built on the quality of craftsmanship. Coach has represented the free, liberal spirit of all Americans.


Coach redefines luxury with a distinctive vision and innovative modern designs. The brand’s efforts in creating these designs not only solidify its name but also embody and represent the essence of New York style to a global audience.

Address of Flagship Coach Vietnam store exclusively distributed by Maison Retail Management International: 1st Floor, Saigon Centre, 65 Le Loi, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. HCM.

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