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LUSH is a cosmetics brand originating from the UK, famous as a manufacturer and distributor of fresh, handcrafted beauty products with more than 900 stores and e-commerce sites in 51 countries worldwide. LUSH, established in 1955, is the creator of the famous bath bomb – effervescent bath tablets. The brand now has over 300 skin, body, and hair care products with fresh, balanced formulas. With LUSH, 66% of products are sold without packaging, 100% of products are vegetarian and 95% are vegan. This is one of the brand’s efforts to reduce packaging waste that is harmful to the environment. LUSH stopped working on social networking platforms from Metaverse and Tiktok in 2021. The brand has participated in many campaigns and regularly cooperates with social activist groups to fight for human and animal rights, as well as the environment. LUSH uses its store as a launch pad for the voices of those who are often ignored by society. In addition to supporting local campaigns through non-profit organizations, around the world, LUSH also awards 2 cash prizes for research into developing non-animal experimental measures (Lush Prize) and other research projects. project to help regenerate our planet and society (Spring Prize).

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