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Beauty Queen Nam Em: “Modern men demand higher”.

The beauty of Lô Tô shows off the latest fashion photos when talking about life values.

In the latest photo shooting with Topshop clothing, Nam Em surely will makes every men fall for her thanks to her flawless Asian look. Besides, her strength and confidence are key factors that make Nam Em becomes famous.

The western beauty is ranked 46th in the Top 50 Timeless Beauty 2016 award, this is an honor for Vietnam in such international beauty contest. In the photo, Nam Em is showing off her gorgeous curve in the cut-out dress of Topshop.

Owing the high-class and luxurious look in Topshop lacey dress, Nam Em reveals her elegant in style.

In a blink of an eye, she turns out to be a dynamic and liberal student in tee and jeans skirt.

She is smart enough to choose nude colored long sleeve crop top tee to enhance the crystal beauty of a signature urban chic.

Nam Em believes modern men demand for more than just nice and beautiful women.

Free-style jeans shirt is the BFF for our beauty queen – the one whom confirms not ready to love and prefer spending time for her own career first.

Esquire magazine, April 2017
Clothing: Topshop
Photo: Karsten Đặng
Photo Editor: Hồng Anh
Art: Võ Hoàng Việt
Make up: Andrew Nguyễn
Stylist: Nhật Anh

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