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A story of Uniqueness.

This is a story of people like me, like you, like us. People embracing their own selves, their own talents, passions, strengths and weaknesses. Embracing what makes them different and special. Because we’ve all got our own life experiences, roads to travel and purpose. Because we are all unique. This is a story of uniqueness.

Chapter 1.

Bhumika Arora
Model, 29 years old


Bhumika is not the typical model. Coming from Karnal, a conservative town located in northern India, she faced many barriers trying to accomplish her dream of succeeding in the fashion industry.

What: LBD

Why we love it: Add a touch of sensuality to your classic little black dress with a one-shoulder element that is sophisticated and sexy.


What: Bandeau

Why we love it: Take this summer staple from day to night with a few simple switches. Pair it with a kimono and wear it to the beach or go for an ‘80s inspired mini-skirt look for a night out.


Lyn Slater
Founder of, 63 years old


Lyn, a University law professor, started her fashion blog willing to speak to women who live what she calls “interesting but ordinary lives”. With her leitmotiv ‘Age is not a variable’, she has gained international attention for refusing to be shaped by the stereotype of age.



What: White shirt

Why we love it: No matter what the season is, a classic white button-down is every fashion girl’s MVP.


What: Tote bag

Why we love it: A stylish carryall to throw in all your essential is just the add-on all your summer ensembles need.




Chapter 2.

Staz Lindes
Musician, 24 years old

Staz is a woman of many talents. Apart from being a model and a photographer, she sings and plays guitar and bass in the riot girl band, The Paranoyds.

What: Summer dress

Why we love it: Nothing heralds summer quite like a perfect dress for the season. Bonus points the classic chevron print.


Chapter 3.

Lauren Johnson
Ceramic artist, 25 years old

Lauren has always gravitated towards the arts, whether it is sculpting, dancing, taking photographs or even being in them. She was not part of the original casting, but her unique personality and aesthetics instantly drew the attention of the creative team, who didn’t hesitate to include her as one of the main talents of the campaign.