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A Series Of Famous International Brands Are Present At Maison RMI

Since December 2022, a series of new international fashion brands have been presented by Maison RMI. A series of trends and impressive collections have been launched to conquer the most fastidious fashionistas.

1. AGE™

On 15/12/2022, Korean shoe brand AGE™ was officially available on the Maison Online website; fashionistas can shop online for their style of shoes.

A Series Of Famous International Brands Are Present At Maison RMIAGE’s designs are a combination of modern technology and new fashion trends, promising to bring irresistible attraction to fashion lovers.

It is known that AGE™ was founded in 2015 with the message “Flow of time”. The brand’s sneaker designs are always transformed over time with personality and impressive color palettes. AGE™ design is more than enough to turn on your style in every mix from dusty, and dynamic to elegant.


On 30/12/2022, Maison RMI – the exclusive distributor of NERDY in Vietnam – officially launched its first pop-up store at Vincom Dong Khoi, HCMC.

Right in the opening ceremony, NERDY gave customers a completely impressive and classy shopping experience with the display of the latest products. The store is designed in a modern, youthful style with street elements with iconic colors of purple and yellow.

A Series Of Famous International Brands Are Present At Maison RMITo bring new experiences to Nerds, from 14/4/ 2023, NERDY officially bid farewell to Vincom Dong Khoi to move to a new house at SC VivoCity District 7.

The company’s products are designed in a liberal style with high applicability. Products such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, sports pants, caps, bags, etc. They not only have outstanding and unique colors but are also extremely comfortable, and dynamic in design and material.

A Series Of Famous International Brands Are Present At Maison RMIItems from NERDY are always loved and worn by idols and influencers.

“Whoisnerdy”- In short, NERDY. This is a street sports fashion brand launched at the end of April 2017 that is very popular with Korean youth, especially K-Pop stars. The brand pursues a dynamic and comfortable concept but still carries the image of a new generation of young people who don’t care about prejudices, thereby clearly showing their different personalities. The liberal spirit, the desire to enjoy life, and the confidence in the style of dress are really clearly shown by NERDY through strong clothes with bright colors. Cheerful is the identifying adjective, extremely “iconic” for the NERDY brand.


On 6/2/2023, the Birkenstock footwear brand became officially available on the Maison Online website. This is a famous shoe and footwear brand in Germany that was founded in 1774.

A Series Of Famous International Brands Are Present At Maison RMIMany designs and icons of the world-famous Birkenstock are waiting for you at Maison Online.

Birkenstock is known for its quality, comfortable, and user-friendly footwear designs. Products are now available in 90 countries worldwide. Birkenstock has 2 main lines: leather products, oak soles, and EVA plastic products. The brand has appeared many times on the world’s high-fashion catwalks with collections combined with famous designers. For generations, Birkenstock has always been committed to quality. The brand has created a global fashion craze thanks to its personalized design, hugging the foot, bringing a sense of lightness and comfort to the user.


On 17/4/2023, the famous fashion brand FILA officially launched on Maison Online with many trendy designs for tennis enthusiasts.

A Series Of Famous International Brands Are Present At Maison RMIThe heritage element of FILA designs is evident in the distinctive ‘red, blue, white’ colors of tennis fashion items – a sport associated with the brand’s history.

Starting from a business specializing in textiles, FILA was founded in 1911 by two FILA brothers in Biella, Italy. In the early 70s, the brand marked a transformation when it entered the sports fashion segment that was not focused on at that time.

In 2007, FILA Global was transferred to FILA Korea and officially became a Korean fashion brand. Over the past 112 years, FILA has launched a variety of lifestyle sportswear products and has become one of the world’s leading companies in sports and streetwear. It can be said that FILA affirms the statement of personality, strength, and style through sports products with aesthetic and high quality, easy to apply in fashion. Currently, FILA is present in more than 50 countries around the world with diverse sports fashion product lines.


On 20/5/2023, Maison Online welcomed a new brand – On Running with many impressive shoe designs.

A Series Of Famous International Brands Are Present At Maison RMIDeveloped and researched with elite athletes, shoes tested for speed and comfort, those On Running products always deliver a fit and a snug fit for runners.

This is a brand of running products with unique and advanced technology CloudTec® designed in Switzerland that will provide gentle, smooth movements when hitting the ground, contributing to the spirit of conquering the track through the streets. through unique movements. Besides, with the passion to reduce climate change and protect the environment, On products are always used and designed from 70% recycled polyester.

Visit the Maison Online website to experience running products from the On Running brand right away!

6. LUSH 

The famous global handmade cosmetics brand from the UK – LUSH will officially be present in Vietnam on June 3, 2023. Believers can pre-order online on the Maison Online website from 15/5/2023.

A Series Of Famous International Brands Are Present At Maison RMILUSH has a variety of product lines with all-natural ingredients being selected.

Famous for skin and body care products such as facial cleansers, soaps, masks, exfoliants… Lush has had a strong impression on users not only by scent and experience but also by the process of making. produce elaborate and sophisticated products. 

As a famous vegan brand, not tested on animals, using organic fruit and vegetable ingredients, and especially without preservatives, LUSH is increasingly receiving love and acceptance from the customers of natural cosmetics globally.

You can visit the Maison Online website to shop for products of the new brands:

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