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2022 – A Shining Year for Maison RMI With 34 New Stores Opened Across Vietnam

Not only achieving its set goals, Maison RMI also has achieved great success in 2022 by strongly developing the stores system and covering all cities in Vietnam. 

On the momentum of affirming its leading position in the fashion industry in Vietnam, Maison RMI continuously expanded and opened a series of new stores of famous international fashion brands in 2022. 

MLB – A youth brand leading the streetwear trend 

It can be said that MLB is a blossoming flower for Maison as it receives a lot of support from fashionistas every time it opens. Up to now, the number of stores of this youth brand has reached 18 nationwide, of which 7 new stores have been opened just this year: Aeon Mall Ha Dong – Hanoi, Vincom Bien Hoa, Vincom Ngo Quyen Da Nang, Crescent Mall, Street shop Nguyen Trai, SC Vivo City, and Aeon Mall Binh Tan – Ho Chi Minh. 

Sai Gon fans were very excited when MLB officially opened its first street shop in Vietnam on the busy Nguyen Trai street on July 15th. 

MLB once again made waves in Da Nang on November 13th with the grand opening of a second store at Vincom Ngo Quyen. 

PUMA – When sports fashion takes over 

Also a favorite brand of Maison, Puma continuously launched exciting products from the beginning of the year to the last days of 2022. During 2022, four stores emerged; in Ho Chi Minh (Hai Ba Trung), Vincom Dong Khoi, Nguyen Trai and SC Vivo City), in addition to stores at – Ba Trieu – Hanoi, Le Duan – Da Nang and Vincom Bien Hoa. 

PUMA shocked with its investment when opening seven new stores in just one year. The most impressive: the grand opening event of the PUMA Le Duan store – Da Nang on November 13th. 

No one can forget the extremely explosive flagship opening event at PUMA Vincom Center Dong Khoi that attracted a large number of famous stars from the Vietnamese entertainment industry in the first half of 2022. 

CHARLES & KEITH – A brand representing the whole region in the Southeast Asian market

For a long time, CHARLES & KEITH have been brands that have always been in the hearts of shoe, bag, and accessory addicts. Thanks to those successes, only in 2022, the brand from Singapore has opened two new retail locations: CHARLES & KEITH Aeon Mall Binh Tan – Ho Chi Minh and Vincom Ba Trieu – Hanoi. 

The opening event of the 24th store of Charles & Keith at AEON Mall Binh Tan on May 28th attracted many prominent stars and fashionistas from the entertainment industry. 

Returning to Hanoi on July 15th with a new spirit, CHARLES & KEITH Vincom Ba Trieu offers customers a unique shopping experience right on the opening day. 

PEDRO – A high level of sophistication 

An incredibly popular fashion brand today, Pedro always maintains a classy, sophisticated, but no less fashionable style. This is clearly demonstrated through two brand new stores just opened in 2022 at Vincom Ngo Quyen – Da Nang and Vincom Bien Hoa.

PEDRO Vincom Ngo Quyen Da Nang store officially opened on November 13th, attracting a lot of visitors right from the first days of opening. 

MUJOSH – Hong Kong style comes to Vietnamese fashion 

Constantly spreading youthful energy, MUJOSH has successfully breathed Hong Kong fashion into the Vietnamese market when four big stores opened in 2022 at Nha Trang Center, Vincom Xuan Khanh – Can Tho, Vincom Bien Hoa and Vincom Ngo Quyen – Da Nang. 

Most recently, the grand opening event of MUJOSH Vincom Bien Hoa on December 2nd, and MUJOSH Nha Trang Center on 15th attracted a large number of visitors. 

MUJOSH greets fans from the western region at one of the busiest commercial centers in Can Tho – Vincom Xuan Khanh on July 15th. 

Havaianas – Double delight 

Like a pair of matching cards, Havaianas sandals brand often pairs up with MUJOSH to open new stores in expensive locations across the country. Similarly, the Brazilian brand has also successfully fired up four large stores in crowded cities such as Da Nang (Vincom Ngo Quyen), Can Tho (Vincom Xuan Khanh), Ca Mau (Street shop Tran Hung Dao) and Nha Trang (Nha Trang Centre). 

With its extremely meaningful mission, Havaianas officially docked in Can Tho on July 15th at one of the busy commercial centers – Vincom Xuan Khanh.

A series of Mediterranean-style sandals were introduced on the opening day of Havaianas Ca Mau store on November 5th, making everyone excited. 

Skechers – Leading the journey to conquer every step 

Not less than its seniors, the fashion brand from the US is gradually dominating the domestic footwear market when successfully launching a new store; Skechers Le Duan – Da Nang. 

The first time I set foot in the coastal city of Da Nang, but 𝐒𝐤𝐞𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐫 still has a certain heat when hundreds of visitors come in and out on the first day of opening at Le Duan street. 

Le Silla – The appearance of the “Lord” of the luxury fashion village 

Not to let luxury fashionistas in Vietnam have to wait long, the famous shoe brand from Italy – Le Silla officially opened its first store in the S-shaped land on November 25th, surprising everyone of its magnificence. 

Designed in luxurious warm wood tones and displaying products that are completely handcrafted by the hands of the best Italian artisans, Vincom Dong Khoi will be the ideal shopping destination for customers in the festive season at the end of this year. 

PINKO – Vibrant colors with festive style 

Shining like its own aura, PINKO really exploded with impressive opening parties that gathered many famous artists in attendance. 

After nearly a year of presence in Vietnam with the first branch at Saigon Center, in 2022, PINKO officially welcomed the second store on October 10th in Hanoi, with a party themed The New Chapter with the presence of HH Ky Duyen, supermodel Minh Trieu, actor Jun Vu, model TyhD Thuy Duong, singer Hanh Sino.

CECI – Vietnamese jewelry and accessories brand 

Proud to be a made in Vietnam brand with international quality, CECI kicks off the fashion race in 2022 with two new stores in Ho Chi Minh City : Vincom Dong Khoi and Van Hanh Mall. 

Sweet – feminine or stylish – out of the way, CECI can completely balance all outfits from everyday to partywear, helping you to make waves in the sea of fashion. 

TED BAKER – Bringing poetic soul to Vietnamese style

Bringing the British fashion capital back to Saigon – 2022, TED BAKER is pleased to welcome a brand new store at Vincom Dong Khoi. 

Not only having the experience of shopping for poetic dresses, a series of famous Vietnamese showbiz stars also experienced breathing in a space filled with the warmth and luxury of the distant UK on the opening day. 

MARHEN.J – Fashionable combinationS with dynamic personality 

An emerging name in the Vietnamese fashion industry; MARHEN.J has continuously received the support from accessory addicts by opening two MARHEN.J Vincom stores. Dong Khoi and MARHEN.J Saigon Center are always busy with people going in and out of shopping. 

Both MARHEN.J stores take pink as the main color tone that makes everyone fall in love. In addition, their unique designs, harmonious colors and durable materials have helped the Korean brand score points in the hearts of fans. 

NERDY – Street fashion conquers young people 

On December 30th, the first pop-up store of NERDY officially opened in Vietnam market, customers can shop for products from NERDY online via Maison Online website or visit Nerdy Vincom Dong Khoi store. 72, Le Thanh Ton, District 1, HCMC. 

This is a street sports fashion brand that was launched at the end of April 2017 that is very popular with Korean youth and K-Pop stars. With a design in a modern, youthful style, with street elements with iconic colors of purple and yellow, NERDY attracted a large number of young people to visit and shop in the early days of its opening. 

To conclude: 

With an incredible count of 34 new stores opened in just one year in 2022, Maison RMI promises to open stores in new markets, not only in the country, but also in international areas. 

With the goal of becoming Asia’s leading fashion retailer, Maison RMI will certainly do more in 2023. Watch this space!

– Maison Corporation Communication Team –

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