7 reasons you need florals in your life

Florals are for life, not just for Summer – and we don’t think that botanical prints and flower designs get the love that they deserve during this transitional time of year.

If you thought flowers were too feminine, well – we reckon it’s a total misconception that they’re overtly girly. As this little lot will testify, there’s a floral design for everyone and every style – and here are eight reasons you need them.

1. They work in the office
Being in 9-5 mode doesn’t mean that you can’t show your personality, and we think florals are a great way to do that. Add this statement blazer into the mix to show that business is erm… blooming.

2. They add extra oomph to off-duty cool
Think a studded biker can’t get any cooler? Think again, as this amazing floral embroidery lifts this biker jacket into designer-looking territory.

3. They don’t need to repeat on you
If you feel like a ditsy print is too much, don’t forget that flowers on their own are pretty iconic – this photographic tee looks amazing with denim, leather or high waist trousers.

4. They make sexy look pretty, too
How totally hawt is this bodysuit? Sheer, black and super-sexy, the floral embroidery detail keeps this body from being overkill, and make it totally standout.

5. They make the ‘item of the moment’ even more special
Let’s talk about kimonos for a minute. You might not realise it yet, but you are going to want a whole wardrobe full by the time the new season really kicks in – and this floral kimono is the perfect piece to ease you into the trend. Layer over jeans, LBDs and office looks and you’ll soon be as obsessed as us.

6. They make your holiday outfits better
Picture this – your first bit of sun in months, you’ve got sandals on, bare legs and denim shorts. What’s missing from this equation (except maybe a cold cocktail) is the perfect Summer top – and that’s where florals help out. This broderie bardot top with it’s graphic floral design simply screams Summer, and we’ll be wearing ours with skinnies until that holiday moment comes.

7. They’re what transitional dresses are made for
Let’ wear the skirt unbuttoned over black tights and ankle boots, it seems to mark the change in the seasons – making us long for the days when we switch tights for tanned legs.