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5 Dazzling Holiday Manicure Ideas


Outfit, hairstyles, accessories … checked! So now is the time to make a change to your nails to welcome all the positive vibes and New Year’s inspiration.

From her base in New York, Kawajiri dreamed up a series of confections for the occasion: finely hand-painted stick doodles and glimmering charms, pierced through the tips of red talons to dangle like ornaments. “This holiday season, I love clear, large stones on a contrasting color,” she adds, a nod to the celebration of ’80s excess that has become her signature. These five extreme fashion manicures from Kawajiri made a high-impact holiday statement.

Exaggerated bling is perfect for holidays. It’s special—not an everyday nail that you’d wear to work.

Red and pearly white together is one favorite color combos. The sparkle reminds of holiday parties, the ball dropping at midnight, fireworks . . . all the celebratory elements of New Year’s Eve.

Mei Kawajiri likes to think of charms as one of her signature nail art styles. These remind her of Christmas ornaments, and the red is just for that fun pop of color.

Mei was thinking about A Charlie Brown Christmas and knew she had to make a set of Snoopy holiday nails. She added a tiny little Christmas tree to remind of her tree in Japan.

This is like a riff on kids’ art with stick figures that are so cute and optimistic.