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The idea of normalcy

If you are a true minimalist then you will immediately fall in love with Charles & Keith’s new capsule.

Helmed by photographer Onin Lorente, “The Idea of Normalcy” is an editorial that provides commentary on the state of society and the need for a reinvention. Shot in muted colours in a minimal setting, the simplicity of the editorial points to the need to unpick the knots of societal complexities, while botanical elements present the urge to reconnect with nature.

The editorial showcases a series of ladylike styles that have been given contemporary treatment. Classic laceup flats are reinterpreted as a chunky flatform, while dainty slip on mules are coated in a satin finish. Gemstones, embroidery and woven details are stand out details featured in the series.

The effectiveness of the editorial lies in its simplicity, relating to its message to consider the fact that ‘Less is more’. “The Idea of Normalcy” is an encouragement to find comfort in simplicity, reduction and sameness.