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Charles & Keith – A matter of perspective

Shot by photographers Esteves & Belloso, “A Matter of Perspective” is an editorial that experiments with the refraction of light. With the use of mirrors and other reflective elements, the photographers capture the effects of light processed through prisms, mirrors and various surfaces. Using the metaphor of a prism scattering light, the editorial is symbolic of perspective, which changes, depending on one’s point of view.



A distortion of images is projected through geometric shapes, showcasing the Coastal collection through a unique aesthetic. The collection is centred around a feather embellishment, and a few standout constructions to be highlighted are the block heel and the woven perforated cut-out feature.


“A Matter of Perspective” is emblematic of the lens that one sees the world out of, putting forward the realisation that individuals are not defined by one perspective but should instead explore different points of view.


Latest information about Charles & Keith can be found at:


Instagram: @maison.fashiongroup

Facebook: @maisonjsc

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