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Max Mara features artworks in the new collection

Impressive brush strokes of illustrator Francois Berthoud have contributed a fantastic look for Max Mara Fall Winter 2018 collection. 

The  t-shirts,  tank  tops  and  sweatshirts  printed  by  Max  Mara  with  the  artworks  of  the famous fashion illustrator François Berthoud featuring the unmistakably rapid yet refined “dripping”  technique  which  characterizes  the  artist’s  work.

Commissioned  in  2001  to mark  the  company’s  50th  anniversary,  the  artist  paid  homage  to  the  pop  nature  of  the Max Mara coat by superimposing different parts of its paper pattern over a spectrum of female  types  and  become  abstract  brush  strokes  interacting  with  serigraphically reproduced  faces.

The  pieces  worn  by  the  top  models  of  the  moment  were  among  the stars of the latest Max Mara Fall/Winter 2018 show.

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