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HCM – Store Supervisor

Job description detail

1. Sales Manager:

  •  Follow the assigned store sales plan
  • Manage resources (human and material) effectively to ensure managing stores achieve the sales set by the Company
  • Make necessary reports for work, requested by superiors, disseminated
  • Regularly conduct market survey and report to direct management or Board of Directors,
  • Disseminate promotions to all store employees after receiving notices from superiors.
  • Manage and be transparent the store’s own fund
  • Responsible for managing and using monthly administrative expenses economically, effectively and clearly
  • Responsible for registering with the company, the building necessary procedures, serving the work of the store
  • Travel to work when required
  1. Products:
  • Be responsible for inventory management, goods rotation as well as loss, theft at the stores in charge.
  • Be responsible for moving goods from sub-stores as well as from other stores to ensure there are enough goods, sizes, colors for sale and display.
  • Implement measures to prevent and reduce the theft of goods from both outside and inside.
  • Implement and manage subordinate staff to comply with all regulations on displaying goods of the company
  • Check ranking list daily and weekly
  • Provide and train employees with seasonal fashion information and trends.
  • Ensure all products in the sales area are displayed according to regulations and have all the necessary things such as price list, origin, alarm device, etc. to be ready to sell to customers.
  • Make sure inventory is organized in order (ref/size/color).
  • Maintain goods in the best conditions, especially not allowing goods (accidentally or intentionally) to fall to the ground.
  • Make a list of goods and uniforms to buy and buy more.
  • Report to the operation manager/brand manager the best-selling and non-selling items.
  • Make other reports on products as required from the Product Manage or from the Operation Manager.
  1. Employee management:


  • Communicate Company culture to all employees in the Store
  • Comply with as well as supervise the observance of the Labor Regulations, rules and sales regulations set out by the Company for sales staff
  • Train and disseminate to all employees about new products, effective sales skills, product display instructions, customer care skills, etc. as required by the company.
  • Ensure that all employees in the Store must be aware of and perform well in serving customers according to the Company’s standards
  • Assign work to departments and subordinates by day, week
  • Check and approve the weekly work schedule of employees, before sending it to superiors
  • Check timesheets weekly, monthly, before sending to superiors
  • Track personal revenue, with confirmation of each employee in the store, as a basis for calculating bonuses and allowances
  • For departments and individuals that are not attached to the store (security, cashier, …), report directly to the managers of these departments when their working attitude and work efficiency are not as required
  • Manage junior staffs, employees from the departments you manage to comply with the regulations of the company, brand, building and job description
  • Work closely with Chain Store Manager / Brand Manager in building and managing a good staff.
  • Motivate, encourage, build an environment and solidarity among all members of the brand.
  • Instruct and explain to employees the importance of customer service
  • Clearly disseminate to the sales staff the policies and procedures related to operations at the store.
  • Coordinate with Human Resources Department in recruitment, evaluation, reward and discipline as well as employee training & development programs.
  • Develop potential employees by supporting and directly training employees in the skills of managers, supervisors, sales reports and company regulations…
  • Ensure to control the replacement of official employees at less than 20%/year.


  • Always ensure the best quality customer service at the store system.
  • Ensure immediate resolution of customer feedback and complaints
  • Implement direct marketing activities such as telephone and actively invite customers to visit the store, shop…
  • Create customer data and develop loyal customers
  1. Brand image management:
  • Ensure stores are always clean, arranged according to standards and displayed according to regulations during opening hours. Do not leave your laptop on the cashier counter.
  • Check and add necessary items to serve sales for stores
  • Daily check the furniture and fixtures (lights, machinery, equipment, counters …) in the store, if there is any equipment that does not meet the standards, it must immediately notify the relevant departments to be replaced or repaired.
  • Ensure the general hygiene of the store is always clean from the counters, floors, ceilings to the store’s facade…
  • Check, monitor the staffs to display and change windows weekly according to the company’s instructions.
  • Regularly conduct market survey and report to management.
  • Regularly check and request the relevant department to perform the defect within the allowed time limit.
  • Take responsibility if after the store chain manager / brand manager / board of directors go to check and remind many times that the brand image doesn’t meet the standard.
  • Report directly to the store chain manager/brand manager

Perform other tasks assigned by superiors

Required experience/ Skill detail

  • Physical requirements: Good healthy
  • Honesty, hard work, dedication.
  • Kind, dynamic, responsible.
  • Neat, clear, clean
  • Ability to evaluate
  • Enthusiastic, dynamic
  • At least 02 years of experience in store management or supervision with a personnel size of 5 – 10 people.
  • Good experience in handling situations.
  • Good experience in managing human resource
  • Experience in implementing and developing plans to achieve sales targets.
  • Experience in using office computers proficiently.

Job overview

  • Competitive salary.
  • Commission
  • Meal allowance.
  • Parking costs.
  • Accident insurance 24/7 after 6 months of work.
  • Social insurance according to Labor Law (health insurance, unemployment insurance, …)
  • 13th month salary.
  • Evaluate annual salary changes.
  • There are many career advancement opportunities.
  • Friendly and sociable working environment.

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