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How often have we dreamt about that? Being a kid again! Just look at them with their little angelic faces, before it’s time for books, decisions, responsibilities, mortgages…. We long for those childhood years when the biggest decision we had to make was to choose whether to eat a chocolate or a strawberry-flavoured ice-cream, go on the swings or play football, jump in the water before or after building a sand castle.

When we are kids we live in a world where rules are more flexible and changeable. It’s an age when we are still impressionable: we can roll in the sand, we can spend hours splashing around in the water and race against our friends without any need for a winner’s trophy: the simple elation of having come first is enough. We never get tired and are always on the lookout for new sensations. That’s why we would all love to be kids once again, more than they do, who have the advantage of still being just that!

For this season, Havaianas has prepared a collection to match the expectations of the most energetic members of the household, because, although they are small they know exactly what they like and don’t like. That’s why we’ve come up with a range of flip-flops that is so complete and exciting that when they’ll see them they won’t want to wear anything else!

As we recognise that every child has his own world, at Havaianas we have prepared a range of possibilities that is so broad that even the hardest-to-please ‘tough cookie’ will be happy.

For those who love adventure, we have a collection with superhero prints, to make them feel they can face any adventure they come across. More power, more energy, more fun! They can be the masters of the galaxy, or if they prefer, they can just walk around a universe filled with dinosaurs, as if they were cavemen.

For the more romantic and sensitive natures, there are flip-flops with hearts, floral designs, some with decorative pins to give them that sophisticated touch, and a huge collection of blonde, brunette, tropical, or even ‘cold-as-ice’ frozen princesses.

Has anyone out there not found their pair yet? How about a refreshing pair of flip-flops with strawberries and watermelons? Or a pair with hamburgers on them (lettuce and tomato included, yum!)? Or maybe some cute kittens?

And for the even smaller ones in the household: the Havaianas Baby Collection, with the adorable designs including pets, animal prints, and classic designs but in baby version…. Also as we all know that babies lose their shoes all the time, Havaianas has included a strap around the back of its flip-flops so that these can be adjusted at the heel and stay firmly on the little feet.

Of course, Havaianas applies the same quality found in its adult products to its collection for the smaller ones, to ensure a comfortable, refreshing, healthy and fun summer for all.

With the Havaianas Kids & Baby’s collection for this season, who wouldn’t want to go back to being a kid?