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The beauty of these flip flops is you can wear them with any outfit, from beach to the city.

We’ve always been absolute beach and sun fanatics, anywhere the sun is shining we’ll be there and anywhere an ocean is, we’ll be in it! We’ve always been big fans of wearing sandals, not just for the fact that we lived by the beach but because you can pair them with anything and the simplicity of shoving them on and off so quickly is always a winner. 

Havaianas have always been our favorite sandal brand and living by the beach they sure got some great wear out of them.  We’ve now managed to transport our love for these simple and stylish flip flops to the big city of London and you’ll often find us strolling around, especially with this warmer weather, in all our different styles of Havaianas.

For our first look we’ve opted for trousers and jackets for a lunch meeting in Central London, we’ll be running around town quite a bit so it’s fundamental that we’re wearing comfortable footwear. The weather today was cloudy but warm so it seemed only sensible to wear these silver and gold Havaianas to let the tootsies breath.


For the second outfit we were heading out to a day event. The dress code was casual/chic so we both opted for full black outfits and to give it that extra pop of colour we chose the purple and gold Havaianas which kept the outfits super chilled but chic, perfect for a Summer event outside!


Our Havaianas are so easy to slip on, super comfy and simple enough to rock with any outfit. If you can wear them in London, like we do, we think you can wear them pretty much anywhere!

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