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A Series of Famous Brands Represented by Maison RMI Make Waves for New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week 2022 is becoming the hottest topic of discussion recently amongst those who love fashion. A series of new trends, new brands, and new collections are promoted from the catwalk to the street. The most prominent is the impressive appearance of a series of famous brands represented by Maison RMI aimed to delight the most fastidious fashionistas.

Coach – A distinct impression from the streets of New York

Starting with an explosive appearance at the launch event of the Stuart Vevers’ Spring 2023 collection, Coach received a shower of compliments from fans thanks to the designs created from a sexy and equally luxurious perspective: finding the new in the past.

The sensation of the Coach brand once again exploded thanks to the appearance of Vietnamese IT Girls like Chau Bui, Thao Nhi Le and Linh Ka. With extremely impressive outfits from the brand, the three fashionistas won the respect and adoration of Vietnamese and international fashion lovers.

With basic items from Coach, Chau Bui knows how to transform them to make them more attractive than ever.

Every detail on the costume is intelligently calculated, showing Thao Nhi Le’s ability to dress up.

Trendy mini-bags with simple outfits make the Gen Z fashionista Linh Ka stand out among the stars.

Thao Nhi Le, Linh Ka, and Chau Bui confidently shined at the launch event of Stuart Vevers’ Spring 2023 collection in New York.

PUMA – When the rhythm of fashion speaks

Within the framework of New York Fashion Week Spring – Summer 2023, PUMA presented the show ‘FUTROGRADE’, an impressive performance, recreating the past, present and future of the brand right on the runway. The show made a strong impression thanks to the flexible combination of actual performance and metaverse experience called Black Station.

Beautiful Thao Nhi Le exudes a luxurious aura in PUMA outfits and accessories with a pink crop top combined with a really attractive silver-gray jacket and pants.

The youthful and vibrant Linh Ka is extremely dynamic and shows a very eclectic mix of clothes with Puma’s sport bra and gray skirt.

Vietnamese stars stand alongside other brand ambassadors from the Puma family. The Puma brand is also enthusiastically promoted by international stars such as the Thai actress Sueri Renaud in Puma.

Thao Nhi Le and Linh Ka share a frame with pop star Robin Thicke at the Puma fashion show.

Pedro – Feminist Speaks

This impressive fashion brand from Singapore always brings products with sophisticated and luxurious style. Pedro’s designs have blazed a new trail creating bold fashion mixes.

Pedro’s designs have received the attention of prominent names in the fashion industry during the recent New York Fashion Week. Most recently, runner-up Thao Nhi Le, hot girl Linh Ka, and the Thai actress Suzana Renaud have each demonstrated that each individual has a unique way of combining costumes in their own style. These bold and independent women show the spirit of honoring the beauty of feminism and their distinct personality.

Pedro bag with black and white motifs alternating on tweed fabric makes the overall outfit of the runner-up harmonious, luxurious and elegant.

With this second outfit, Thao Nhi Le is extremely confident when appearing in the same frame with Thai actress Suzana Renaud. Both beauties chose for themselves a Pedro brand bag that matched the outfit.

Linh Ka cleverly showed off her desirable round 1 and round 2 with a white crop top two-piece shirt. Linh Ka also smartly creates accents for the outfit with a brown leather bag by Pedro. With a stylized part at the button, the bag adorns the hot girl’s outfit most impressively.

CHARLES & KEITH – Elevating streetwear fashion

Over the past two decades, CHARLES & KEITH has created outstanding women’s footwear, handbags and accessories. Most recently, the brand brings a combination of classic colors and contemporary fashion, launching the Fall Winter 2022 collection with a spirit of optimism, freedom and individuality.

Becoming the guests of the New York Fashion Week 2022, two representatives of Vietnam, runner-up Thao Nhi Le and hot girl Linh Ka, have dresses that are both elegant, liberal, and sexy. The hottest looks come from the brand CHARLES & KEITH.

The elegant overseas Vietnamese runner-up dresses up in a minimalist and dynamic style with matching accessories: The Gabine Bucket rectangular shoulder bag is made of glossy leather with a characteristic gold buckle combined with high shoes: sweet jade green pointed toe heel of the same brand.

The runner-up chose a soft white bag, accented with a unique and beautiful flower-shaped buckle, combined with high-necked sneakers with a chunky personality. Both of these items come from CHARLES & KEITH.

In the middle of New York’s autumn, the hot girl Linh Ka turned into a princess with a classic style with a little sweetness. The beauty chose a Gabine Bucket bag like her senior Thao Nhi Le and a pair of Lula Patent Chunky round toe heels by CHARLES & KEITH.

GiGi – When Vietnamese fashion reaches international level

Vietnamese brands are not only asserting their position at home, but are also gradually encroaching on larger international markets. In the middle of the streets of New York, elegant and seductive costumes from GiGi are sported by Vietnamese and Thai stars.

After New York Fashion Week, GiGi conquered the fashion-loving hearts of a series of famous stars when appearing prominently on the street, catching the spotlight. GiGi’s designs have a modern and elegant allure but still keep the comfortable and basic look for the wearer to freely create their own bold outfits.

Charming Thao Nhi Le with a striking blue tank top and split skirt is a trendy sporty style combo.

Power and charm: the Viet Kieu runner-up once again “crushed” New York in a v-neck midi dress hidden behind a modern crop top blazer.

Fashionista Linh Ka stands out in a mature layout with a crop top blazer and modern flared jeans from GiGi.

She turned into a muse in a floral dress and pastel Mary Jane shoes. As can be seen, GiGi is one of the brands that make it easy for her to change her style at any moment.

It can be seen that fashion brands from Maison RMI have really conquered the international fashion village within the framework of New York Fashion Week 2022. Not only shining with famous international brands such as Coach, Puma, CHARLES & KEITH, and Pedro, Maison RMI also knows how to elevate the country’s fashion status when launching the extremely impressive GiGi: a home-grown Vietnamese brand that is now making waves internationally.

Maison Retail Management International Company is one of the leading fashion retail companies. Since 2002, Maison RMI has brought many international fashion brands closer to Vietnamese consumers. After the unexpected success of the first stores, Maison is now home to more than 18 world-famous brands, inspiring the Vietnamese market with endless fashion dreams.

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