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Zoey Deutch acts brilliantly at Max Mara’s film studio

On her shine bright way to be a A-class Hollywood actress, Zoey Deutch is noted not only by her performance but also by her exquisite taste for fashion.

On  Instagram,  Zoey  Deutch  describes  herself  as “a  simple  girl  who  knows  the difference  between  a  manatee  and  a  dugong”.  At  the  end  of  this  interview,  I checked,  and  she  did,  in  all  the  detail  you’d  expect  from  a  zoologist.

Wool and cashmere round neck sweater, camelhair skirt and croc print leather belt. Fishnets and leather lace-up boots with block heel. (All Max Mara) Oversize mink fur oversize Pasticcino Bag (Weekend Max Mara).

At  22,  Zoey is  already  one  of  the  most  sought-after  actresses  in  Hollywood,  yet  she  has  the smiling,  slightly  dizzy  look  of  a  girl  from  another  planet,  who  lives  with  her  sister  in a  “farmhouse”  in  Los  Angeles  breeding  chickens,  and  who  would  gladly  run  away from  any  gala  evening  to  go  home  and  hug  her  dog  Maybelle. 

“Manuela” wrap coat in pure camelhair (Max Mara)

She  likes  to describe  herself  as  “kind  and  ambitious,  because  we  shouldn’t  fear  ambition,  and we  should  never  abandon  kindness”.  She’s  already  worked  with  a  maestro  of independent  cinema  such  as  Richard  Linklater  ( Everybody  Wants  Some!! ),  and she’s  shared  a  set  with  veterans  such  as  Robert  De  Niro  ( Dirty  Grandpa )  and Bryan  Cranston  ( Why  Him? ).

This year, Zoey also won the Women in Film Max Mara Face of the Future Award®, in recognition not only of her talent on the set, but also for her clear ideas of it: “Max Mara does a marvelous job of creating and maintaining dialogue on the role of women in the cinema, because we need strong, courageous, powerful, well-known female role models”. Her mantra chimes in with modern feminism:  “Women’s  rights  are  human  rights”. 

Camelhair and silk “Teddybear” oversize coat, fishnets and leather lace-up boots with block heel (all Max Mara).

When  I  ask who  her  own  female  role  models  are,  she  mentions  women  who  are  very  different from  one  another,  complex  personalities  that  are  difficult  to  boil  down  to  a stereotype  of  any  kind:  Lena  Dunham,  the  creator  of  the  TV  series  Girls ,  a  legend like  Meryl  Streep,  the  English  actress  Emily  Blunt,  and  above  all  her  mother,  Lea Thompson,  who  was  the  mother  of  Marty  McFly  in  Back  to  the  Future .

“Teddy” bustier dress in camelhair and silk, fishnets and croc print leather belt.

At  the  last Sundance  Film  Festival,  the  mecca  of  American  talent,  Zoey  was  in  two  films: Rebel  in  the  Rye ,  a  biopic  of  the  writer  J.D.  Salinger  (she  plays  the  woman  who broke  his  heart)  and  the  touching  Before  I  Fall ,  based  on  the  novel  by  Lauren

Oliver.  “You  know  when  the  viewer  gets  so  emotional  they  grab  the  hand  of  the person  next  to  them?  That’s  what  makes  me  want  to  work  in  the  movies:  that emotion,  that  grip”.

“Manuela” wrap coat in pure camelhair, wool sleeveless sweater and camelhair red pants. Leather lace-up boots with block heel and oversize deerskin bag with shearling lining  (all Max Mara).

When  she  talks  about  her  love  of  acting,  Zoey  gets  almost  as excited  as  she  does  when  she  talks  about  dogs  or  dugongs:  “I  want  to  work  in the  theatre,  I  want  to  do  a  western,  I  want  to  play  a  real  bad  girl  role,  I  want  to work  with  my  favorite  directors,  David  O.  Russell  and  Xavier  Dolan:  an  artist  can’t plan  when  they’ll  be  inspired,  or  when  the  right  film  will  come  along,  but  they  can work and dream, without ever giving up”.


Clothing: Max Mara
Hair: Franco Gobbi
Make up: Cosetta Giorgietti