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Ted’s ‘Well Heeled’ Collection Steps Up

While Ted’s suede oxfords and leather trainers are staples to stand on, he’s finally letting the other shoe drop. Stepping into the ring is the Well Heeled collection, a luxurious line of Italian-made footwear elevated with Mr. Baker’s signature panache.

Meticulously crafted by his man in Milan, the Well Heeled collection is handmade with top quality materials, from high-shine patents to buttery soft leathers. Each shoe is vibrantly finished in a selection of statement shades and patterns, with beautiful Art Nouveau design detailing throughout.

The process of making derby shoes requires accuracy in every single step.

Never a captive to tradition, Ted’s top-shelf shoes are shaped by man and machine alike. Traditional hand-stitched construction strengthens every sole, while modern laser shoe detailing allows for intricate designs and tireless detail to find its way across wingtips and brogues. Dramatic hand painted finishes and full leather soles deliver the highest standard of sartorial elegance.

The mission of Ted Baker is to give urban men what they need to be gentle, charming and smart.

A real man always needs a pair of brogue shoes to conquer the World.