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Eleventh Hour

The famous Singaporean shoes have proved that creativity always comes from daily life…if you know where to find.

Shot and art directed by Estévez+Belloso, the “ELEVENTH HOUR” editorial follows the theme of the creative processes, addressing the stage of illumination, where artists gain clarity and ideas come to light. Visually, the editorial plays off the contemporary aesthetic of neon lights. Modern and exciting, yet old-school and nostalgic, the emotional complex of neon unfolds as a source of inspiration for where ideas spark.


The collection mirrors an artists’ confidence as he approaches the “eureka moment” where ideas begin to come together, embodying a sense of tenacity and unyielding spirit.


A complimentary combination of metallic, black and snakeskin, the styles take on a strong silhouette, personifying an audacious spirit. Accessorised by gold hardware, the series speaks boldness and take on the role of elaborate statement makers.



Photo: Estévez + Belloso
Model: Maggie Mizner
Stylist: Maria Molina