Mujosh Opens An Impressive New Store At Vincom Ba Trieu Hanoi

On February 24th, MUJOSH returned to the market expansion race with the opening of a new store at Vincom Ba Trieu Hanoi.

Located in one of the busiest commercial centers in Ha Thanh, MUJOSH Vincom Ba Trieu has attracted a lot of attention from fans. During the re-opening, MUJOSH Vincom Ba Trieu treated northern fashionistas with trendy glasses and special promotions.

The shop space is airy and full of light with impressive glass models.

MUJOSH Vincom Ba Trieu promises to become an ideal shopping destination for young people in Ha Noi in the near future.

With criteria that surpass all definitions of fashion; From simple to stylized, MUJOSH lovers will surely transform in many colors with the brand’s breakthrough collections.

Not only impressing visitors with a series of eyewear items in accordance with Gen Z standards, but the opening event of MUJOSH Vincom Ba Trieu store also caused a storm with attractive promotions and activities.

On the day of the grand opening event, Mujosh organized the program ‘LUCKY SPIN 100% WINNING’ which applied to spends of 2,690,000 VND or higher. Gifts for guests who randomly spun 1 item on the wheel, including sunscreen, glasses, tote bags, and sets of 02 Gong Jun glasses boxes, all of which were presented. The special gift ‘SUNNY BOX VALUE 4,000,000 VND’ was a prize awarded to those with a shopping bill from 4,990,000 VND (a gift box includes all 4 items on the wheel). The program has attracted a large number of participants.

Lucky Spin program 100% awarded fans with valuable gifts. The event was loved and participated in by a large number of customers.

Portrait of the special gift Sunny Box worth 4,000,000 VND, with all the gifts included in the Lucky Spin program.

First appearing in 2010, MUJOSH has recently become a fashion center for young people. MUJOSH’s designs are oriented towards freedom, breaking norms and traditions, and carrying the spirit of the young generation who aspire to overcome conventional boundaries and conquer challenges to prove their unique color.

MUJOSH’s designs help to respect individual lines and personalities, thereby directing each person’s desire to express distinct colors in bold fashion style.

If you are still wondering what to wear on your trips this summer, do not hesitate to visit MUJOSH at Vincom Ba Trieu store to buy yourself unique eyewear models and gifts for oysters right away!

Store address:

L1 – 107, Vincom Center Ba Trieu, 191 Ba Trieu, Le Dai Hanh Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi.

You can shop online at


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