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MLB Continues To Satisfy Southern Fans With Vincom Plaza Bien Hoa Store Opening

On December 4th, the South region really exploded with the grand opening of MLB ‘s first store at Vincom Plaza Bien Hoa, with a series of activities and opening gifts that made everyone excited.

As expected for a youth brand, wherever MLB appears, it immediately becomes the hottest topic on social networking communities and the opening of MLB Vincom Plaza Bien Hoa for the first time is no exception.

Designed with a youthful and dynamic concept like previous stores, plus a very chill Christmas virtual living corner, it is no wonder that MLB’s new store has become crowded and busy in the first days of opening.

The first customers at the brand new MLB store.

The virtual living corner at the store is an ideal place for groups of close friends to take pictures after shopping.

Not only admiring the variety of trendy and playful items with the Gen Z vibe, customers are also really surprised when experiencing standard shopping services with a series of activities and attractive gifts to welcome the grand opening.

Perhaps monogram patterns are too familiar with the MLB Crew; therefore, to entertain the fans in this pitch, the brand has launched an exclusive MONO-GRAM travel gift set including picnic chairs, U-neck pillows, hoodies, hats, bags, and sports shoes.

Full of vibrant colors and iconic monogram patterns, MLB’s products always have a youthful, vibrant spirit; but with no less sophistication.

KPOP followers in Bien Hoa now have the opportunity to hunt for moments with famous Korean idols more easily than ever.

As a young Korean brand, MLB has really shined, not only in Vietnam, but also in the international market. MLB’s products are an imaginative combination of sports and street fashion. Through its dynamic and playful designs, MLB wants to convey the message of living to the fullest with personality and passion.

With a spacious shopping space plus quality product samples, MLB Vincom Plaza Bien Hoa promises to be the most suitable shopping place for close friends during the upcoming Holidays.

The grand opening takes place from December 4th to December 8th, so MLB crews should hurry to the new store at Vincom Plaza Bien Hoa to buy iconic gifts from the brand.


MLB Vincom Plaza Bien Hoa: L1-08 – Vincom Plaza Bien Hoa,  109 Pham Van Thuan St. , Tan Mai Ward, Bien Hoa city, Dong Nai

– Maison Corporation Communication Team –

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