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Your job may be on the line if you’re making these social media mistakes

They say you can tell a lot about someone’s personality through their social media profiles. What their interests are, what they like, issues they’re passionate about, what they do and where they go often, the people they hang out with, their take on things etc.

But are these good or bad impressions we’re leaving on people that check us out online? For some of us, social media can mean countless opportunities to network and showcase our talent and skills, to others, career suicide. Here are 7 situations you’re self-sabotaging your career:

1. When you lie about being sick and still post on social media about doing something a sick person would otherwise NOT DO.

“Aw boss I’m sorry but I have diarrhoea/ terminal cancer today. I can’t come into office…”

You run to the nearest polyclinic to get an MC and arrange to meet your friends thinking you’re “off the hook” and you have the whole day free. Next thing you know, your stupid friend tags you on Facebook.

Alas! You rush to delete the dreaded post within the next few seconds. But too bad, your boss has already seen the post. Either that, or your backstabbing colleague has already screenshot it and sent it to your miscellaneous superiors.

This not only shows how much of a shady liar you are, but how you would take advantage of your benefits whenever you can. Your boss can never trust you to be truthful or ethical in your work.

What you should do instead: Set up the “approved posts” function so no one can post on your wall without your prior approval.


2. When you post about how *insert bad trait* your superiors/boss/colleagues online
This is kind of a no-brainer. And if you don’t get why you shouldn’t do this then maybe you do deserve to get fired.

If it’s your colleagues you’re posting about, you’re clearly stirring some shit that wasn’t there before and indirectly telling your colleagues to take some of that poop and throw them on you.

If it’s your boss/ superior you’re talking about… DON’T BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU. PERIOD.

Your manager/ superior is the one who’s in-charge of evaluating your performance (which translates to pay raises and career advancement opportunities). Your boss on the other hand is in charge of… Erm… I don’t know…YOUR PAY CHEQUE?

What you should do instead: Ask your (non-colleague) friends out for a drink, bitch and complain all you want about your company. Then go home and sleep your sorrows away.


3. When your boss is your friend/follower and you upload not so appropriate content…

…You’re indirectly implying (to the public) that your boss is horrible.

What you should do instead: Use the “save post” function.

It’s simple really, if it’s SOOOO pissing obvious you’re not happy in your job, your employer might just do you a favor and put you out of it. ‘Cause keeping you is bad for their company image and they might as well give someone else who might appreciate the opportunity a chance. Comprende? No one is indispensable.


4. When you frequently like to air your “dirty laundry”
When you’re always posting personal complaints about every single detail of your life such as:
How your relatives/family members are difficult/bad human beings and making you feel like shit
How disgusted you feel when your girlfriend/boyfriend is cheating/ has cheated on you
How your friends are talking XYZ behind your back

…these just don’t translate into anything else other than that YOU CAN’T GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER.

What you would do if you’re smart: Write a private blog.

5. When you post demeaning/tasteless comments that incite negative messages

Hiring someone and making sure they stay hired isn’t just about finding people with the best skillset, it’s also about finding people that are best suited to the company’s corporate values and image. And above all, the right morals. The above image is a screenshot of a comment made by a non-profit director in West Virginia on Michelle Obama. It went viral shortly after and needless to say, she got fired due to this racist comment.

So please. Before you start cyberbullying or trolling others…Stop yourself before you lose your job. Don’t be a bodoh peh kambing susu limau.

What you should do instead: Comment in your…mind?


6. When you post online during office/ ungodly hours

You know those mornings when you walk into office looking like you just got out of a tomb? Then those colleagues that like to secretly surf Facebook happen to see a “Clash of Clans” posting on your news feed from 4am in the morning.

Needless to say, you better hope you perform on that fateful morning. Else when boss complains of your work, you bet some sneaky bastard will probably be screenshotting that “Clash of Clans” post and show your boss exactly how you got to zombie mode. And you can say “GG” to your job.

What you should do instead: Create an alternative Facebook account and link your gaming user to it.


7. When the hiring manager sees party pics in your public profile
Whenever first interviews go well, hiring managers will want to dig deeper to find out if there’re any inconsistencies in your job application they should be wary about. This is the reason why we need references.

But background checks do not just end there; hiring managers can take it a step further by checking out your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram profiles. This is especially so if they’re hiring for higher up positions. And if they’re ALL photos of you partying too hard? The hiring manager might rethink your performance potential. Unless you’re applying to be an influen-ZA. In which case you’ll pass I guess.

What you should do instead: Influence lor.

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