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Wonderland for Charles & Keith

Having worn these designs, you will be an artist just like those in Charles & Keith’s new video clip.



In collaboration with Wonderland magazine, the opening spread “SO, I GUESS EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE” is a documentation of the struggles of the creative process. It explores the idea of change, and is a visual illustration of the inevitable inertia that an artist may face in the process of idea conception. The currency of change is most precious to an artist. Reinvention is no longer an artist’s chance at relevance, but rather, it has become a way of life. 


Clean lines and definitive shapes set the tone for this series. Adopting a neutral color palette of nudes, and soft pastel pinks and blues, basic styles are elevated with the use of wrap around thick straps, platform soles and backless styles. Accessories are cohesively presented, adopting the same clean lines and adopting a contemporary shape.


The styles are a metaphor for change, a reinterpretation of classic styles. The perfect fusion of old and new, to achieve modernity presented in the most understated way.





Wonderland Magazine

Photo: Clara Giaminadi

Stylist: PC Williams

Model: Raven

Dancers: Mariaisi Dora Vicentelli, Rebackah Kemi Apara, Olivia Edgiton