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Tips to mix and match with just simple t-shirts

Unlike other fashion items, t-shirt cannot be replaced and is the must-have piece in your wardrobe. But not everyone knows how to dress it on the right way to avoid being boring.

T-shirt is the key word in every summer season dictionary. Talking about t-shirt means talking about youth and energy; this brilliant design goes along with any other items to reveal interesting outfits. Let’s review below mix & match and note them for your own summer days.

Áo, quần và áo khoác Mango, giày MAX&Co.

Mango t-shirt, trousers and jacket

Mango t-shirt, MAX&Co. trousers and cardigan

Mango t-shirt, clutch and turban, Miss Selfridge skirt


Miss Selfridge t-shirt, suit MAX&Co., Mango shoes

Elle Vietnam Magazine
Photo: Chanh
Production: Đoàn Phương Anh
Photo assistant: SHO Nguyễn
Stylist: Mi Dupz
Model: My Phạm

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