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The best menswear deals of the week

With fall clothes starting to crowd shelves, we’re starting to see especially generous discounts on summer collections. But that doesn’t mean the only things you can pick up on the cheap right now will fall into the category of beach attire. From suede boots to swaggy coats, there are plenty of discounts on pieces that would work during the cold-weather months too. Here, 13 buys from both camps that caught our eye this week. For more bargain shopping, check out last week’s roundup too.

Solid & Striped

The perfect off-the-clock outfit to wear at the beach or the bar, for these final, glorious weeks of summer.


Vintage Distressed Jeans

These faded blue jeans only look like you spent the whole summer breaking them in.


Printed shirt

Floral prints are always about youth and liberal. You don’t have to worry about the masculinity since this style is often designed with deep or neutral tone to ensure the tough side of you.



Don’t buy it because it’s bomber, buy it because it’s a stylish jacket that’ll actually keep you warm when it’s freezing again.


Suit up, gentlemen!

For those moments when you just want to be a gentleman in suit.


Neon hoodie

Wear this super-soft hoodie to your next music festival and you’ll be the best-dressed—and most visible—guy in the crowd.


Jersey suit

Don’t let the weather define your mood. All you need to do is to put on a jersey suit and rock the day.

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