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Max Mara Coats! Seoul Exhibition introduces the special coat look

Exclusive talk to Creative Director Ian Griffiths has revealed interesting points about the look.  

1. Can you talk us about the inspiration behind the look?
On a trip to Korea we were impressed by the presentation of food in beautiful brassware, yugi. Yugi encapsulates ideas about high quality craftsmanship perfected over generations, tradition, historical value and prestige – just like the Max Mara coat. I was inspired to create a perfectly tailored coat in our iconic pure camel hair fabric with a brass coloured lining, and a skirt and shirt to match.



Almost 70 years of coats, can you tell more about this specific style?
It’s a belted wrap coat, which always lends a certain allure. The volume is small, neat and modern, with a tailored sleeve and just a hint of shoulder emphasis. The coat is impeccably finished with a characteristic ‘puntino’ saddle stitching.


3. To which kind of woman did you think when you designed this coat?
I’m obsessed with the meme of the off duty movie star in sunglasses, a tightly belted camel coat and maybe a headscarf. I think that this image is very pertinent to the Max Mara identity; understated glamour and chic, even in the most everyday situations. I want the woman who wears it to feel like that movie star.


4. Why does this look works for Korean women?
It’s a style which works well on petite women, and it’s very feminine. I think it will work well all over the world, and especially in Korea.

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