Maison Online Celebrates its 4th Birthday With Many Promotions In March

Celebrating its 4th birthday, Maison Online officially kicked off the series of promotional activities with “Birthday Celebration” with countless great deals and thousands of gifts for Maisonistas.

With a series of Birthday Celebration events curated to celebrate Maison Online turning 4 years old, Maisonistas can choose from millions of products with a deal x4 times and thousands of other gifts from famous fashion brands in the world.

Maison Online celebrates its 4th birthday with a series of promotional activities in the Birthday Celebration.

Maison Online’s birthday celebration takes place throughout March 2023. In particular, a series of special days with many attractive offers will last from 20/3 to 31/3/2023. Birthday Celebration will bring unique experiences to the Maison Online website and application with outstanding promotions.


At the beginning of March, Maison Online launched the first minigame “Đoán tuổi xịn, chốt quà xinh” (Guess the age to receive fancy gifts) with the simple rule, which is guessing the correct age of Maison Online to get attractive gifts such as:

  • A duo of Hair curlers + Halio hair conditioner worth 1.050.000 VND.
  • Discount voucher of 5% when shopping at Maison Online.
  • Freeship for orders from 1.490.000 VND when shopping at Maison Online.

Minigame was taken place from 1/3 to 5/3/2023.

Minigame Give Away “Happy birthday with Maison Online” with simple game rules. Maisonista just needs to follow 3 simple steps:

  • Take a screenshot of the full birthday wishes and send the screenshot to the Maison Online Fanpage to receive vouchers and gifts.
  • Tag as many friends as you can in the comments section to increase your opportunity of winning the special prize.
  • Drop a heart/like and share the post in public mode

Special prize: De Memoria shower gel & body lotion set worth 1.100.000 VND for 3 besties whose comments have the most replies. 

An additional special offer: a discount voucher of 100.000 VND for any order from VND 1.500.000 for all minigame players.

All players have opportunities to win the gifts with a simple-rule minigame.


1. GIGI 

From 6/3 to 9/3/2023, GIGI-girls shopping on Maison Online can buy fashion items at the same price from 299,000 VND. In particular, the more you buy, the deeper the discount you can get:

  • Buy 2 get an extra 15% off (*)
  • Buy 3 get an extra 20% off (*)

(*) The program does not apply to products of the same price.

GIGI also launched a Flat Price Program “Slay Queen” with prices from 299.000 VND.

2. Ceci 

Celebrating Maison Online turning 4 years old, Ceci also launched the Flat Price Program “Time To Shop” from only 99,000 VND.

CECI-lovers will have the opportunity to buy accessories with attractive discounts when shopping on Maison Online.

From 6/3 to 9/3/2023, Ceci-lovers will have the opportunity to shop on Maison Online with the same price program of 99,000 VND. In particular, the more you buy, the deeper the discount:

  • Buy 2 get an extra 10% off (*)
  • Buy 3 get an extra 20% off (*)

(*) Not applicable for same-price products.

3. Ted Baker

Experience high-class fashion designs from Ted Baker with the same price program from only 850.000 VND and buy 02 and get an extra 10% off to celebrate Maison Online turning 4 years old.

The program is only applicable from 13/3 to 16/3/2023 on the Maison Online website.


Don’t miss the hot deals when you can buy in advance – pay later and receive interesting gifts with Maison Online x Ree-pay.

From 15/3 to 22/3, each order over 1,200,000 VND paid by Ree-Pay for all brands at Maison Online will be given 2 CGV movie tickets.

Buy now – pay later and get presents with Maison Online x Ree-pay.

With Ree-Pay, customers only need to pay 25% in advance, from only 99.000 VND to own their favorite products right away with simple steps:

  • Choose Ree-Pay as the purchase method
  • Verify your account in just 30 seconds, and receive a shopping limit of up to 3.5 million VND
  • With each successful confirmation transaction, Reepay instantly sends movie tickets to your email
  • Recurring payment, details at:


Happy 4th birthday, Maison Online sends fashionistas 4 great deals only this month.

With each purchase, you will have the opportunity to receive:

  • Free shipping for any order
  • 01 FREE Limited edition Maison Online bag
  • Increase x1.4 Loyalty points
  • Special gifts for those with high-value shopping bills

All offers can be applied at the same but can not be used with other promotions at Maison Online. 

This special program will take place from 20/3 to 31/3/2023.

Maison Online’s birthday celebration is taking place right now and is causing great excitement due to the countless attractive gifts on offer. Visit Maison Online’s website now to update hot deals and the latest fashion trends from more than 20 famous brands in the world.


– Maison Corporation Communication Team –