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CHARLES & KEITH Launch An Exclusive Handbag Model Designed Exclusively For The Vietnam Market

Vbiz beauties including Miss Mai Phuong, the runner-up Phuong Nhi, the runner-up Ngoc Thao and the actress Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc, each project a brilliant look while showing off their stunning beauty and showcasing the exclusive;y-designed handbag for the Vietnamese market made by CHARLES & KEITH.

CHARLES & KEITH has just launched a new bag model that captivates Vietnamese fashion lovers due to its unique charm design bearing the country’s signature stamps such as +84 area code, the national flag, a lotus flower, the conical hat, and a heart motif. This bag, which has been designed specifically for the Vietnamese market, has made famous flowers such as actress Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc, Miss Mai Phuong, the runner-up Phuong Nhi, and Ngoc Thao giddy with excitement.

1. Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc is elegant and minimalist when walking down the street with a CHARLES & KEITH bag

Not only ranking in terms of beauty, Lan Ngoc is also succeeding in building a luxurious feminine image and creating her own mark with a flexible fashion sense. In recent images, beauty Vbiz impresses with CHARLES & KEITH‘s exclusively-designed creation that is only available in the Vietnam market.

CHARLES & KEITH‘s exclusive bag design for the Vietnam market is favored by actress Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc when walking down the street.

The actress embellished her elegant and luxurious look by pairing with CHARLES & KEITH white pointed-toe heels.

2. Miss Mai Phuong charmed with the Vietnam Exclusive bag by CHARLES & KEITH

Miss World Vietnam 2022, Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong, shows that people not only see her intelligence shown through each sentence she utters, but also clearly receive her elegance that exudes from her fashion style.

This exclusive bag for the Vietnamese market by CHARLES & KEITH is used by the queen as an accessory to create a luxurious and charming overall look.

With only a basic black dress, combined with a charm bag with Vietnamese characteristics and a pair of beige pointed toe heels by CHARLES & KEITH, the queen also shows that this outfit is not only attractive when going to a night party, but also extremely luxurious when going down the street during the day.

3. Runner-up Phuong Nhi shows off her sweet beauty with a Vietnam Exclusive bag model

After being crowned 2nd runner-up at Miss World Vietnam 2022, Phuong Nhi received a lot of love from the public thanks to her clear beauty and feminine and gentle fashion sense. Recently, the runner-up appeared in the exclusive design for Vietnam by CHARLES & KEITH.

The “Sweet Queen” looks feminine and equally luxurious when showing off her body with the exclusive black shoulder bag for Vietnam market by CHARLES & KEITH.

In addition to the exclusive bag, the beauty also cleverly combined the elegant slim high heels of CHARLES & KEITH, creating a very harmonious overall outfit.

4. Runner-up Ngoc Thao – CHARLES & KEITH bags attracted the eyes of the opposite person.

Considered to be one of the beauties expressing the epitome of a classic figure in Vietnamese showbiz, runner-up Ngoc Thao repeatedly makes fans flutter every time she appears.

The beauty appeared sweetly in a blue dress showing off her shoulders. The combination of the black dress and bag is a testament to the flexibility and ease of coordination of the exclusive CHARLES & KEITH design for Vietnam.

Runner-up Ngoc Thao also mixes CHARLES & KEITH‘s pink pointed toe heels with a slim heel strap design, a transparent sole that makes the overall outfit both sweet and elegant.

CHARLES & KEITH‘s exclusive bag design created specifically for the Vietnam market with black color and modern quilted surface is easy to coordinate with many fashion styles, from streetwear or party wear. In particular, the iconic Vietnamese charm strap is detachable, creating flexibility in design and refreshing the look of the bag for different events.

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