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2 step leather bag restoration

With all equipment can be found easily around you. 

Here’s what you needed to revive your beloved leather bag:
_ paper  towels
_ small bowl of water
_ shoes polish
_ sponge

Step 1: Wipe the bag clean

With the paper towels and a little bit of lukewarm water, wipe down the exterior of the bag. Allow the water to dry off completely before moving on to the next step.


Step 2: Re-hydrate the leather with the shoes polish

Shoes polish comes with a sponge applicator! In small circular motions, apply the wonder balsam to the exterior of the purse until the entire purse has been covered.

The leather may feel a little “sticky” immediately after you’re done with the last step, but once the wonder balsam has time to soak into the leather (usually overnight), the texture of the leather will be back to its glorious original condition!

Aaaaaand… you are done!

Below are some Coach bags designs from the latest collection:


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