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Yes, You Can Wear Your Bathing Suit To Work

Yet for some reason, we struggle to see the potential in bathing suits beyond sunbathing and taking a dip — two things that don’t happen quite often when you live in a big city.

We’re always trying to buy pieces that offer endless possibilities — a dress that can be worn as a tunic over pants, a jumpsuit that works solo or with a top underneath, or a button-up shirt that, these days, can be styled in countless ways.

While it’s certainly not a new idea to double your one-piece as a bodysuit, this summer, we’re trying to blur the lines even further.

If you start looking at swimwear as a layering piece, an accessory, or even the base of an outfit, you’ll be surprised by just how many office-appropriate outfits you’ll come up with. Let’s just leave the frozen beverage poolside, okay?


The Rash Guard

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If you have a rash guard, you already have a pretty sweet top, too. Should your workplace lend itself to being a bit more covered up, this is probably your best bet for avoiding an HR run-in. Pair it with a sophisticated skirt, then accessorize with a professional bag, sculptural earrings, and shoes that feel a little bit fancy. Your colleagues will have no idea you were lounging in a swan-shaped pool float in this exact same top the day before.


The Cut-Out One-Piece

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You can hardly let your midriff show at the office, never mind whatever skin shines through an obscure bathing suit cut-out. In this scenario, layer your suit over a graphic tee, allowing the shirt’s design to peek out ever so slightly. On the bottom, go for some epic wide-leg trousers and some artful accessories. Post-work garden party? You’re covered.


The Bandeau Bikini

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A two-piece? To the office? You probably think we’ve lost our minds. First things first, just wear underwear instead of the bottoms. For the top, though, throw the ruffled bandeau over an equally-as-ruffled shirt for some dynamic interest. Jeans, a simple leather bag, and some worn-in white sneakers will have you slaying casual Fridays.


The Classic One-Piece 

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If your commute is as sweaty as ours is, it’s definitely not a bad idea to wear a one-piece to work. Start with a classic option and your favorite pair of summertime denim (ours is cream and high-waisted). Complete the outfit with other seasonally-appropriate gems, like a wicker basket bag, some simple sandals, and a denim jacket that comes in-hand when that office air conditioning is blowing. This is waybetter than sweating through a silk top, no?


The Metallic One-Piece 

Find more suggestions at Topshop, Accessorize, Warehouse, Oasis

A metallic bathing suit can definitely feel like you’re heading to a pool-rave instead of your weekly one-on-one, but with the right styling — by that we mean under a silky suit — it’ll add just the right punch; the tailoring helps tone down the shiny silver so it feels slightly more understated. Finish it off with some platforms, and you’ll be ready to talk through budgets instead of frozé.