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The Most Annoying Things About Work Clothing—And the Fashion Solves That’ll Fix Them for Good

The Problem: Lack of Time (or Willpower) to Iron
The Solution: Everlane’s Japanese GoWeave pieces are cut from triacetate, a textile that’s woven in a way to resist creases and wrinkles (and also happens to cool to the touch). Choose from the easy dresses, pants, and tops—so you can hit snooze in the A.M. but leave the stress of whether your clothes will be presentable in the morning behind.


Top: Oasis


Top: Dorothy Perkins


The Problem: A Poorly Air-Conditioned (i.e., Sweat-Inducing) Commute
The Solution: The obvious upside to wearing a crisp button-down shirt is how it makes any outfit look instantly professional. The much more common downside? Even the smallest amount of perspiration is noticeable and thus cancels out the aforementioned professional effect. Luckily, a string of brands—including Aday, Aella, Kit + Ace, Pivotte, and Ministry of Supply—have come onto the scene as of late, bringing with them chic staples made with high-tech performance fabrics. Not only does this solve the issue of sweating through your clothes long before you clock in at the office, but it also means an added comfort and flexibility in our 9-to-5 wardrobe we haven’t enjoyed before.


Shirt: Oasis


The Problem: One-Pieces That Make Bathroom Trips More…Involved
The Solution: Ah, jumpsuits—so comfortable, yet so inconvenient whenever one needs to use the restroom. Argent has engineered the solution: In addition to its famous “push-it cuff,” which ensures your sleeves don’t roll down, the workwear label invented an office-friendly one-piece that zips and tucks at the waist, making the dreaded bathroom-stall striptease a thing of the (awkward, not-so-distant) past.


Jumpsuit: Oasis



The Problem: Too Many Supposed Workwear “Staples” That We Don’t End Up Wearing
The Solution: We’ve long mulled over what constitutes as a “capsule wardrobe”—luckily, brands like Vetta and Misha Nonoo have decided for us, rolling out collections that encompass all our dressing needs in a few key items meant to be mixed and matched. All we have to do is piece them together. Vetta offers a variety of capsules (the Original, the Romantic, and the Classic—each corresponding to a different aesthetic), stocked with five items that can be paired into 30 outfits. Misha Nonoo, meanwhile, has what it calls The Easy 8—eight essentials that can be combined in up to 22 looks. Fashion math has never been more fun.


Skirt: Oasis


Top: Dorothy Perkins


Top: Dorothy Perkins


The Problem: A Need for a Little Something Extra for a Big Event
The Solution: Need to impress your boss? a client? your coworker? Scanlan Theodore is your answer for modern-slash-luxe pieces that are perfect for breaking up predictability in your workwear. Layer delicate lace shirts with puffed-up sleeves into your existing suiting collection—or pair a beautifully crafted crepe knit peplum tops and soft, off-the-shoulder knits with a pencil skirt.


Dress: Oasis


Đầm: Dorothy Perkins