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The Glamorous Carolina Herrera’s 5 Style Tips


Carolina Herrera is a vision of elegance and beauty. The Venezuelan-American designer shares her 5 top style tips with all ladies.

Carolina Herrera is known for her ladylike aesthetic, which she channels into her eponymous fashion house. To think that she started her business at the ripe old age of 40, is inspiring.

#1 Lipstick Makes Things Perfect
At 77, Carolina still prioritizes her appearance and can’t leave the house without a slick of lip color on. “When I have it on, I feel perfect,” she talked about her favorite piece of make-up.

“I used to like one from Bobbi Brown, then she stopped producing it. When I told her I wanted it back, she created it for me and called it Carolina. I think it sells very well now.”

#2 Keep Things Organized

Her wardrobe is another area of envy and she keeps up appearances at all times. Her closet is organized according to garment, with each item boasting its own area. With such a keen eye for style, it’s no wonder Carolina has some fashion pet peeves.

#3 Dress Well To The Airport

Nhà thiết kế chia sẻ rằng cách mọi người ăn bận khi đến sân bay thật là kinh khủng, “Nếu bạn ăn diện đàng hoàng khi đến phi trường, bạn sẽ được quan tâm chăm sóc vô cùng tốt. Bạn sẽ được những tiếp viên hàng không đón tiếp rất nồng hậu và ân cần”.

#4 Age Gracefully

She follows her own mantra and also focuses on outfits which reflect her age. She believes this approach to dressing is the secret to growing old gracefully: “If you try to dress in a young way when you’re old, you’re going to look even older.”

#5 A Tip For The Bride-To-Be
Carolina isn’t just famous for designing feminine yet formal attire; she also boasts a successful line of wedding gowns. The fashionista has one particular preference for those brides-to-be before they request a made-to-order dress.

“(I insist) that she come alone,” Carolina explained. “If a girl comes in with her family and best friend she lets them influence her too much. It’s one of the most important days in her life. She should be able to wear what she wants.”

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