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During our exciting press shoot for our AW16 collection, we managed to sneak in some time with our super cool stylist, Bridie, to find out all her thoughts on the pieces and hear about how she got to be on the Miss S set…

What is the theme and inspiration behind your styling today?

“We’ve gone for a quite eclectic mix, pairing lots of different things together to really give it individuality.

We’ve taken a lot of trends like the embroidery trend and lace and mixed them with leather and things that are a bit more unexpected, like a bomber or something like a 60s jacket so it has this real mix and bohemian feel to it.”

Are there any A/W trends that you’ve seen in the catwalks that have translated into Miss S?

“Definitely! I feel like there’s a lot of lace that’s going on and a lot of embroidery, which was definitely very prominent on the catwalks. I think that fashion has definitely filtered through – we’re seeing that especially with the fur.

Fur was a really big trend for A/W, the brightly coloured furs, the printed furs… we’re seeing this trend with the Miss Selfridge pink fur collared jacket and the leopard print coat as well.”

What’s your background, how did you get to be here today?

“I did some work for some magazines when I was very young and I did a bit of freelance stylist assisting as well – lots of freelance assisting!

In particular for one particular person for a long time working with advertising clients and things like that with him and that eventually led to my own freelance career and now I’m working for magazines as well.”

Do you have one piece of advice for young girls who might want to be a stylist one day?

“Determination, hard work and really knowing your goals – and never stopping until you get there.”

What do you love most about your job and what’s the more stressful part of being a stylist?

“I love that no day’s the same, we get to see some pretty incredible things and work with some amazing people so that always keeps it interesting and fresh and presents challenges which I quite like.

The hardest part is the hours!”

What’s your key piece of advice for putting together a really great A/W outfit?

“I guess you want to always remember and think about warmth – layers are a great way to show your personal style and diversity and make it kind of compliment you.

I think layering definitely is a really key thing because a lot of people forget that you can do that and make it quite interesting and make it yourself.”

What’s your number 1 all-time styling tip?

“Don’t dress for anyone else and always feel comfortable.”

What’s one thing you always carry in your styling bag you couldn’t go without?

“A good lint roller! It makes you look clean no matter what!”

What’s your favourite thing in your personal wardrobe?

“I have a lot of vintage so I have a lot of really special pieces that I’ve picked up from many places all over the world.

There are some key pieces – I can’t really decide between them, but one thing that I really love that comes to mind – I have a black fur jacket that I wear all the time.”

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