Style Tips From Danish Dudes

Being famous for fancy furniture, it’s easy to assume Northern European street style is breaking the rules and creative. Copenhagen men have taught us with a bunch of pointers to give your style an upgrade just in time for the new season.

Cap it all off

Choose a cap in a unique material and try setting it against a restrained look. The key to keeping this presentable rather than out of place is in the colour – either go all out with the contrast or opt for something subtly tonal.


Wear all white right

The sequel to all-black-everything, wearing white on white is a cleaner, lighter version of being ‘murdered up’. Just be careful when near any food, anybody holding a drink.


Regulate your Skate

Skater style is not an easy look to pull off – coming from a culture dominated by authenticity. Take a few choice items like printed longsleeve tees, hoodies, jeans, trainers, textures socks,…, work them into your existing wardrobe.


A Hi/Low How To

Analogous to the sports and smarts combo, Hi/Low is about putting classic tailored pieces with typically chilled designs e.g. suit trousers with tees, shirts with joggers. Well-chosen accessories round out the look, pulling it towards being either smarter or relaxed.


Exploit Pink

Summer’s key colour is still in effect. Make it work in this transitional period by slipping it into looks as a flash of colour rather than the dominant tone.


The printed tee

The evolution of the printed tee has dropped a host of bands and brands into your wardrobe, and the more obscure the better. Let’s pair the printed tee with simple separates to keep the design front and centre.


The bright Malmö tone

We showed it to you in a shoot, now see it in the wild. This photographer nails the loose, relaxed shapes and faded palette of the Malmö trend but makes it his own with the addition of some well-chosen accessories: chunky rock & roll jewellery, tats and tortoiseshell sunglasses.


Outfits: Topman