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Stories by Charles & Keith: Military Accents with Tara Chandra

Most of us easily associate the military trend with an earthy washed out palette of polished neutrals, olive greens and combat boots.

Fashion blogger Tara Chandra breaks the consistency and gives us a renewed spin on this theme, taking us through a series of unconventional looks that are limited not only to the usual combination of army jackets or khaki blazers. The quirky 18 year old blogger with an excitable personality to boot, expresses herself in various outfits and brings us to places that she regularly visits and walk past in inner Sydney city.

Looking to a play with various prints and textures, Tara’s style is always distinct and remains effortlessly genuine. She pairs our black creepers with high socks, a furry pink top and dark green gingham pants.

The military style goes the distance where feminine tailoring can be incorporated for an added twist.

Emphasis is placed on curvier silhouettes and playful elements as seen from Tara’s ensemble. She matches a coquettish black dress, along with a khaki sweater and Lace-up ballerinas that is an eclectic mix of styles.

Something borrowed and something new – Emphasizing on sharp tailoring and masculine lines. The classic military style has a bold effect when you pair it with high heels and bear some skin. Tara injects a hint of sexiness in her tough yet classy get up where she pairs her buttoned-up Chinese jacket from her Grandpa with a sheer snakeskin dress, complete with a pair of Lace-Up Platform and Olive Crossbody Bag from Charles & Keith.

Tara shares that this was her favourite look out of all and quips that “The lengths and prints were mismatched but ended up working wonderfully together.”

A Salute to the Military style – The theme empowers woman through a mixture of edgier outfits, highlighting their strength and confidence while also revealing a touch of femininity. For the ladies who prefer a tougher approach, look to how Tara matched an oversized blazer with laced-up boots.

Tara is the best representative of the militant theme as she is versatile, showing the feminine side of the theme while also mastering the rebellious and tough looks. 
“You do you. It applies to anything and everything. I’m a strong believer in being yourself.” – Tara Chandra