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Statement from the market: what we can learn from Havaianas

Being different is the marketing strategy that lots of companies choosing to mark their footprints in customers’ hearts.

Differences help a business to create a strong brand and to focus on creative elements and feelings, making a bond between customers and touch points.

But since all brands release different strategies, a muted battle in customers’ mind have obstacles. From different means of communication such as Youtube, Facebook, Google Ads, TV to offline including billboard, banners, …, hundreds and thousands of photos appear to impress us in every single second.

Havaianas, which means Hawaiians in Portuguese, is manufactured by Sao Paulo Alpargatas S.A company Brazil. Since 1907, simple sandals named Alpargatas are used by Brazillian farmers. In 1962, Alpargatas begun to introduce Zoris version with the ‘secret rubber receipt’. Since Havaianas is born, there were 2,2 billion pairs of flip flop are produced and sold worldwide.

However, not until 2000 that the brand Havaianas made a wow and became a fashion icon in Europe, America and Asia.

Havaianas’ strategy is: always focus on creating new products with a consistent global marketing and communication plan, and always have a quick response towards customers’ needs. 

Unique products
The company has offered a variety of products: shoes for cold weather, flip-flops and flip flops with diamond for marvelous fashion shows.

American is not the only market, but the acceptance here (especially from the celebrities) towards the products has made the brand become more and more famous. Havaianas started to be BFF of top movie stars, singers and even on fashion stages.


Consistent message
The brand’s message is all about ‘creative’ and ‘attractive’ aimed to bring to the world a general picture of beautiful Brazil via colorful with playful prints Havaianas. This consistent message is used for different markets.


Thanks to Havaianas case stydy, we can see in such a crowded market, companies can think of alternatives to break the deadlock of market growth and let the brand make a strong impression in customers. Saturations brings not only a challenge for strategists, but also an opportunity to innovate  and execute solutions to attract customers.    

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