Sigma Lip Switch Holographic Lip Gloss


 Stunning and illusory are the words to convey the magic of the new lipstick, resembling tiny galaxies in tubes and are ready to capture every girl’s first look.

There are five shades in total: Double Whammy (green and lavender), Flip-Flop (orange holographic), Other Worldly (frosty green), Pink Lotus (prismatic pink), and Transcent (purple opalescence). You can either wear them alone or layer over your existing shades for a more intense effect.

If you’ve tried special effects glosses before, you know how it feels like when the color in the tube sometimes doesn’t translate to skin. But with Sigma’s version; the formula looks as intense on lips as it does swirling around in its clear packaging. Plus, it’s got a lightweight, non-sticky feel that’s so comfortable you’ll forget it’s there at all!