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Keeping the pace with Ted

Ted says it’s never too late to resume your fitness goals, and while his new sportswear collection might not make achieving them easier, it’ll definitely make your workout more stylish. For a bit of motivation on the exercise front, Ted’s three fitness friends have shared their goals for 2017. If they can do it, so can you.

Ella Storey
North London-based Ella showcases her love for fashion, food and fitness on her candid blog, WHAT ELLA DID. She juggles journalism studies with weight training and HIIT and proves eating well can be exciting if her mouth-wateringly colourful INSTAGRAM is anything to go by.

What are your health and fitness goals for 2017?
Mostly to exercise in a way that makes me feel good, rather than training purely for aesthetics. Exercise should be an act of love for your body, not a punishment.

What motivates you to get out of bed each morning?
I think it’s mostly a love for what I do. I went through a phase of pushing myself to extremes for the sake of looking good, whereas now I concentrate on a genuine enjoyment in the exercise I do, and I’m probably seeing better results now. If something doesn’t make me happy, then I won’t do it.

Do you believe the activewear you wear plays a part towards achieving your goals?
Definitely! I love wearing coloured and patterned clothes in the gym. I’m more motivated if I am wearing snazzy activewear and it definitely gives me a confidence boost. There is also nothing better than a pair of leggings that fit beautifully as you want to show off all your hard work!

Ana Dias
Hailing from Portugal, ANA moved to London to pursue her dance training but fell into yoga when she had to deal with injury. She now teaches at various studios across the city including the cutting-edge FAT BUDDHA YOGA pop-ups, where classes are held in contemporary set-ups from nightclubs to aquariums.

What are your health and fitness goals for 2017?
My health goal is to have more control over my sweet tooth, and I love finding guilt-free treats. This year’s fitness goal is to pick up a new activity, and I’ve recently started climbing. It’s super-challenging, good fun and a perfect complement my yoga practice.

What steps are you going to take to achieve them?
Getting a buddy: it’s always more fun if you share the activity with someone that you can have a laugh with!

Do you believe the activewear you wear plays a part towards achieving your goals?
For me, the most important part that clothes play when practicing yoga or sports is making me feel comfortable. If the material feels good on my skin, if I don’t have to worry about the transparency of my leggings and if the clothes don’t restrict my movement, then I can fully focus on the activity I’m doing and give it everything with no distractions!

Lucy Mills
Lucy is a STOTT pilates, barre and TRX instructor and one of the lithe ladies behind the renowned XTEND BARRE LONDON, which has been showing the folks of Marylebone how to become as fit as prima ballerinas. Can’t make it to class? Follow her home workout videos at @YOURIDEALFIT.

What are your health and fitness goals for 2017?
I am becoming more aware of the importance of sleep and reduced stress to help achieve an optimal state of health. I teach many early sessions and often feel that regardless of how well I eat, I just don’t have enough energy to power my day. So, I’m aiming to get 8 hours of sleep a night. On the fitness side, I would like to add resistance training to my weekly regime of Xtend Barre, Pilates and TRX. I think it’s good for the body to have variety and work different muscle groups.

What motivates you to get out of bed each morning?
My first almond latte of the day, my green smoothie and seeing my clients continue to grow and get stronger every day. ‘Proud instructor’ moments are the best.

Do you believe your activewear can play a part towards achieving your fitness goals?
Yes, for sure. ‘Looking the part’ goes a long way in keeping everyone motivated. In some cases, it can assist with preventing injury, if I can see the body accurately. Then of course, great design features such as the sheer panels on the BLUE LAGOON PRINT LEGGINGS can help to enhance a woman’s natural curves shape and give a great confidence boost.

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