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Inviting Guests From Ha Thanh To Pose At MLB’s Hiphop Fashion Event At The End Of September 2022

The event “MLB Winter VIP Ticket” by the Korean fashion brand MLB took place in a more exciting atmosphere than ever at Vincom Royal City on the evening of September 24th. Here gathered a group of cult guests competing with each other, including names such as rapper T Linh, Low G, DJ Lucin3x of the “Slightly virtual” playlist and Ha Thanh’s hot face and hot tiktokers.

On the evening of September 24th, Vincom Mega Mall Royal City was bustling with the impressive arrival of Vietnamese stars and the cult line-up. There appeared famous names such as rapper Tlinh, rapper Low G and a hot face cast like hot girl Linh Ka, the male lead in the special episode entitled Who Is It, Hong Thai, the model from Vietnam Next Top Model season 9, Trang Bui, the muse; MV Vu Duong Phuong Thao, as well as the “snow princess” Quynh Ngo. It is known that this is the event “MLB Winter VIP Ticket” (winter VIP ticket) which was being used to open the 15th store and also to present a show to launch MLB’s Fall – Winter 2022 collection.

The MLB Crew in the Capital had the opportunity to “jump” on the roof and raise the temperature at the top-notch music party that T Linh and Low G brought. Talented female rapper T Linh appeared with “hot eyes” in a bodysuit that cleverly showed off her charming body. The female rapper mixed monogram pants and sneakers with the signature logo of the dynamic MLB brand.

Coming to the stage at Vincom Royal City, T Linh was scorching in the autumn-winter weather in Hanoi with her series of hits: Single Girl, You’re a Treasure and Siren. The female rapper’s heavenly aura and top-notch charisma made the Vincom Royal City mall lobby alive due to the excited shouting, cheering, and dancing by the thousands of fans singing along to each of the tunes performed.

The event attracts thousands of spectators who love guest artists and MLB brands in Hanoi.

Following the vibrant atmosphere was an extremely attractive performance from male rapper Low G. The rapper also performed 3 of his hits, namely Crab, No craving and Cyper Mashup. The audience had the opportunity to get moving with rap songs that stormed the charts by T Linh and Low G, as well as the chance to participate in interesting activities and to take photos with the guests.

Rapper Low G looks cool in his appearance at the MLB Winter VIP Ticker event night.

In addition, the presence of the cool DJ Lucin3x and the dance group Abnormal Conceptz in MLB costumes with extremely beautiful choreography made the party night more exciting than ever.

Not only immersing in an extremely vibrant music space with rappers and dancers, fashionistas also had the opportunity to cool their eyes with the fashion sense of artists such as Ly Ly, hot girl Linh Ka alongside other Tiktokers and fashionistas in Hanoi like Mai Trang, the most beautiful Ly, Tikka & Cozy, and Zika.

Singer Ly Ly is extremely beautiful when wearing a set of the famous Korean fashion brand MLB with a long-sleeved hoodie, a wool hat, and paired with high boots and a rectangular shoulder bag.

Hot girl Linh Ka makes an impression with her sweet beauty in a warm MLB outfit.

Rapper Gil also attended the event to enjoy the atmosphere of the hit music event in Hanoi.

Hot tiktokers Tikka & Cozy, Lyxinhnhat, Zika, MaiChen, and Ly Pham were also welcomed by a large number of Hanoi fans and showcased their beautiful figures at the MLB WInter VIP Ticket event.

Seamless models with unmatched charisma and beauty show a unique fashion style from MLB.

MLB stands for Major League Baseball – the professional sports organization of baseball. The MLB brand belonging to F&F Group opened its first MLB Korea store in 1997. The brand specializes in designing and manufacturing men’s and women’s apparel, shoes & accessories inspired by the logos of famous baseball teams. MLB offers collections that combine utility and fashion. To date, MLB has 250 stores across Asia.

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