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Grand Opening CHARLES & KEITH Vincom Ba Trieu Brings A Unique, Refreshing, And Classy Shopping Experience To The Center

Returning to Hanoi with a modern and luxurious space, CHARLES & KEITH Vincom Ba Trieu offers an impressive shopping experience complete with the display of a series of products from their exciting summer 2022 collection alongside the brand’s latest fragrance creations; all curated to highlight your personal style.

Singapore’s most popular fashion brand jubilantly held an opening event at Vincom Center, on Ba Trieu Street, in Hanoi, on July 15th.

Shopping handbags at CHARLES & KEITH Vincom Ba Trieu

Appearing with the latest trendy handbags by CHARLES & KEITH Vincom Ba Trieu, the tiktoker girls took the spotlight from the very start of the brand’s showcase at the famous shopping center popular with fashionable shoppers from Hanoi and further afield.

A Tiktoker posed with a CHARLES & KEITH 's bag

Bags that never go out of fashion paired with trendy colors are exactly what an IT Girl needs to shine.

For this exciting comeback, CHARLES & KEITH Vincom Ba Trieu, is now located on the 2nd and 46th floors, boasting a grander and more luxurious in-store experience. In addition to the hot-hit shoe and bag designs on display, the brand also launched a trendy collection specifically for the summer of 2022.

Inspired by modern women who are always looking for novelty, the brand’s newly launched series of designs have introduced a new runner in the fashion race.

In line with the brand’s international design standards, CHARLES & KEITH Vincom Ba Trieu possesses an eye-catching and luxurious interior style and layout coupled with elegant tones to help highlight their high quality products. In the middle of the store is a dedicated display area for their latest collections, working in harmony with their products to facilitate the customer’s luxurious shopping journey.

Crowed with customers

Many customers have purchased the latest designs at the CHARLES & KEITH store.

The opening day also impressed attendees by offering them the unique experience of mixing perfume based on their specific scent preferences. Under the guidance of artisans specializing in scent mixing, customers have the opportunity to experience the selection of perfume ingredients themselves to create their own scent layers according to their personality and personal preferences.

Emphasizing versatility and creativity is at the heart of this collection. The brand actively promotes eye-catching but equally practical tones of pink, blue, purple, avocado, gray, and white. The designs in CHARLES & KEITH‘s summer 2022 collection embody the spirit of freedom and liberty, and at the same time, they show that beauty comes to every modern girl – not only at big events, but also in everyday activities.

Come and experience a bespoke and sophisticated retail experience at CHARLES & KEITH Vincom Ba Trieu, with the latest fashion trends at 2nd floor, 46A Vincom Center Ba Trieu, Hanoi.

You can shop online or go to one of CHARLES & KEITH stores nationwide to experience shopping in person. or go to one of CHARLES & KEITH stores nationwide to experience shopping in person.

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