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Flip flops for kids – The best styles for your kids’ feet

Do you normally provide your kids’ with a pair of flip flops for the summer? Do you love how easy kids’ can put them on and take them off? While parents love how practical and affordable flip flops are, they should be aware of the damage they can create to their kids’ feet and legs if you let them wear them for a long period of time!

Kids’ flip flops have been a long-standing go-to summer footwear, but several parents have ask me how long should they let their kids run around in flip flops. Most flip flops are meant to walk to the swimming pool and back, or wear them to the beach! When it comes to providing flip flops for your kids, there are definitely certain styles that are more supportive and have better structure than others!

There is certain types of flip flops that provides more stability since it comes with a strap in the back to secure your kids ankles, and some flip flops even offer arch support. In this post, I will describe the best flip flops for kids’and the best alternative to flip flops to wear in the summer seasons!

Are flip flops good for everyday wear?- Takes care of your kids’ feet!

No! you shouldn’t allow your child to wear flip flops all day no matter how much they love wearing them! Even the better quality ones, and more supportive flip flops are not appropreate for everyday wear.

I will describe these styles below, but remember that you shouldn’t allow your child to wear flip flops for more than 4-5 hours a day! Most flip flops don’t provide any arch or ankle support, and they also don’t hug your children foot properly to make him or her feel more stable.

The other issue with letting your child wear flip flops for longer period of time is that they get used to the loose fitting that flip flops provide, and then they have the hardest time wearing their everyday sneakers since they will always complain how they feel too tight!

What are the best flip flops for kids?- Comfort and Durability!

If you are looking for a substantial, supportive and comfortable pair of flip flops for your child, then you come to the right place. Because we fit a several children with foot issues at the shoes store that I work for, we only carry good, supportive, quality foot wear.

Don’t let your kids run on flip flops – Stop hurting their feet!

I always tell parents do not let their kids run around too much when they are wearing a pair of flip flops. They can end up hurting their feet  and legs due to the lack of stability they provide.

Did you know that wearing the wrong type of footwear is the main cause for foot and leg pain? It will also create several  issues such as blisters, calluses and corns, just to name a few!

How can I make sure my kids’ flip flops fit?

By taking him or her to your closet children’s shoes store that you trust! You can have their feet probably measured and their shoes properly fitted there. However some parents have contacted me asking where can they get their kids’ shoes online, since they don’t have kids shoes store that they trust.

You will find the best price and the largest selection of shoes. You will also find the reviews of other parents just like you that are trying to figure out what size to get for their children.

Most children do love wearing flip flops, and now you know which is the best flip flops for kids’, you can keep their feet and legs healthy and get them ready for a great summer!

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