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Earn Points And Receive Vouchers With SkyJoy: Vietjet Air Cooperates With Maison Online

On May 16th, 2023, Vietjet officially launched the SkyJoy loyalty program, in which Maison Online – the e-commerce platform of Maison Retail Management International – became one of Vietjet’s strategic partners. They have officially announced the cooperation, providing the opportunity to accumulate attractive points and redeem vouchers for members.

Earn Points And Receive Vouchers With SkyJoy: Vietjet Air Cooperates With Maison OnlineMaison Online has become an official partner of Vietjet Air’s SkyJoy loyalty program.

SkyJoy is Vietjet’s membership program, where customers can join and earn points from the airline’s flights. However, SkyJoy’s members not only earn points from flying but also receive vouchers and many attractive gifts on the Maison Online website. This offers a great opportunity for customers to combine online fashion shopping and travel while enjoying more benefits.

Maison Online is an online fashion shopping platform, showcasing more than 20 famous brands in the world such as MLB, PUMA, Nerdy, Skechers, Coach, Dsquared2, CHARLES & KEITH, PEDRO, PINKO, Weekend Max Mara, MAX&Co., Ted Baker, Le Silla, Havaianas, Marhen.J, Mujosh, LUSH Converse, On Running, and AGE. All brands from Maison Online provide customers with high-class shopping experiences.

With the cooperation between Vietjet and Maison Online, customers can accumulate Skypoint and receive preferential gifts from Vietnam’s leading fashion shopping platform. By shopping on Maison Online with a shopping bill of 1.590.000 VND, customers will immediately receive 400 Skypoints (code sent by MSO). To use this code, customers only need to download the SkyJoy app and deposit points into their accounts.

Customers can collect Skypoints to convert points to receive vouchers from Maison Online:

  • Receive a voucher of 200.000 VND with a shopping bill from 1.990.000 VND on Maison Online
  • Receive a voucher of 300.000 VND with a shopping bill from 2.990.000 VND on Maison Online

The promotion takes place from May 24th to July 31st with limited vouchers and priority given to customers who register the earliest. This is a great opportunity for customers to shop on Maison Online and enhance their membership with Vietjet.

Earn Points And Receive Vouchers With SkyJoy: Vietjet Air Cooperates With Maison OnlineExperience an unlimited lifestyle mixing travel and fashion with Maison Online and Vietjet SkyJoy.

The cooperation between Vietjet and Maison Online in the SkyJoy program not only creates flexibility in earning points and redeeming vouchers but also brings high-class lifestyle experiences in the combination of travel and fashion this summer.

If you are a fashion lover and travel enthusiast, do not miss the opportunity to join Vietjet’s SkyJoy program and enjoy exclusive offers on Maison Online. Take advantage of the exclusive opportunities available only in the SkyJoy program by Vietjet in cooperation with Maison Online for exciting experiences this summer.

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