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Come quick to Dorothy Perkins where you can find premium yet affordable fashion items

With only about 1 million vnd you can now buy office wear outfits in extremely good British style. 

If you a true fan of European fashion style, then certainly you will know about fast fashion brands which are good in terms of design and budget. However, while the budget is affordable, the design is not always guaranteed. That is when the fashionable women have to re-consider the brand choice to protect their wallet, because ‘fast fashion’ means fashion items are designed to quickly defect and as a result, customers will have to buy new ones in just a short time.

For having understand customers’ need, Dorothy Perkins decides to adjust  its price ranging from about 1 million vnd or about 500,000vnd  applied for all clothes and accessories. This action allows modern women to easily experience the designs that are not only fashionable, on-trend but also be quality with British high standard. 

So here you are, let’s go over below 5 mix & match suggestions by Dorothy Perkins to rule your 5 stylish working days.

Monday – Simple is the best


And there you have it, ladies – a simple, work outfit that effortlessly combines professionalism, sophistication and comfort.


Tuesday – On track on trend


Is khaki summer’s version of black? Versatile, timeless and flattering; this is how to wear it this summer.


Wednesday – It’s the pink day 


The color is proving to be an eye-catching fashion trend, as well as a powerful one.


Thursday – The power of stripes


Never underestimate the power of the perfect striped dress.


Friday – Best dynamic day ever  


You might think you can’t pull off orange, but you’re wrong! It’s totally possible to wear orange. 

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