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5 summer styles that will keep you nice and cool when it gets hot

If you are planning to store the most beautiful days of summer with stylish and comfortable fashion, then let’s try out these latest trends.  

We all love summer since this is the chance for us to create effortless and light outfits that can easily transition from day to night. 

Below 5 summer styles from High Summer 2018 Coast shall help to upgrade your beloved wardrobe with daring colors, modern silhouettes and considered details.

Expose some shoulder

No doubt, this is the most popular trend in every summer. This is such a flattering and feminine style that it deserves to be in the spotlight. They are also perfect and easy pieces for beach vacations and night-outs.


Pure white dresses


It seems like urban women nowadays are so fond of darker tones instead of white. But wait, it’s summer and you need brighter items to light up from day to night.


These white dresses are brilliant for hot, humid destinations where you want to stay cool but look smart.


Lace them up and tie the knot


The theme for all of these cute summer clothes seems to be simple shapes upgraded by little details, and tie-the-knot is no different.


Shirt, long skirt and jumpsuit with knot detailing in front makes them look more casual to add to your day-to-day closet, which you can dress up for anywhere. 


Jumpsuit like an expert


There is one fashion item above all else that never fails to call out summer which is jumpsuit. Jumpsuit also happens to be the ultimate lazy girl go-to. With the all-in-one ensemble at the heart of your outfit, all you need to think about are suitable accessories.  


Max out your summer with maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are the master of mix and match – super easy to dress down but also capable of making you look extra hot at all those summer events in your diary. It is easy, breezy, and comfy-chic, which is why the maxi dress is the dress of summer. 


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