Your horoscope for the year ahead

Leo, Libra and Capricorn will receive good opportunities. What about other sign?

1. Aries


Your most intimate relationships will bring sudden and exciting news as the year begins (mostly during February and March). In May as you seem to be getting trustworthy guidance from Saturn. August fills up your ‘true love’ as it receives strong vibes from stable Saturn, lucky Jupiter and Uranus.

2. Taurus


Beginning in March, you will be primed to meet an exciting new cast of characters. These are individuals who have similar goals in life as yourself and you may greatly admire their work. By mid-August, the spotlight will be heavily on you in your career sector.



February will set a brand new rhythm for your year to come. Take a moment as your year begins and review what you have been. Now is your time to commit to your passion and set your sights much higher – especially this March. In August, jump the opportunity to learn a new skill or enroll in a new course of study – this new way to communicate will be a game-changer and will connect you to a wider range of people.



Travel will feature strongly in the first half of the year so have your suitcase ready to go. Travel has many benefits for you, though one is that it will urge you to think bigger. February fully lights up the media and broadcasting area of your chart. May and November which seems to seal the deal on your prospects making you indispensable. And with that said, your income will also receive a major boost in August.



You seem to be getting absolute clarity on a serious partnership with the eclipse of August 7. Conversations will be easy around this relationship and a stellar agreement can be reached for the two of you. The 2nd half of our year will be about a personal rebirth a personal renaissance. If you are in a creative field, this is your year to shine.



February kicks off this new year with a theme of partnership and commitment. Your spiritual development will seem to take center stage after August as you reposition elements in your life for a healthy lifestyle. Welcome in a stark new change in the routine and be ready for a key meeting October.



You roll on into 2017 with lucky Jupiter in Libra, this year will be marked by a brand new cast of characters who surround you. There will be an important social occasion in February which you will not want to miss. In October, Jupiter rolls into your money sector so you can welcome in the long-awaited increase as your efforts will pay off in a big way.



What a dynamic and exciting year you have! Romance will be high as spring begins. Simultaneously in February, you seem to be receiving such unexpected attention on the job. In August, your career will be on fire so you may opt for a vacation later. So best travel dates are late June and October.



This year will be about building the structures that will support you for many years down the road. The area of your chart featuring the most fireworks in 2017 is the sector that rules publishing, broadcasting, media, writing and teaching. Though don’t forget about your friends and community – they will be there for you and help you to further your ambitions.



Between January and October, Jupiter will continue to shine, offering career opportunities to you, the most active area of your chart in 2017 are the money sectors as you explore new revenue streams. The latter part of April and June are your best times for love and romance.



If you are single, this will be a prolific year for you as you will have the opportunity to finally meet someone who feels like they were created for you. The big events in partnership seem to be happening throughout August. May will bring a hint of what is to come. October will bring radiant news about a career prospect.

12. Pisces


The focus will be on you this year and getting into the best health ever – on a physical, mental and spiritual level. The best time to end an old dusty habit will be February. In August – you will be able to make even deeper health and lifestyle changes that can include a new work routine that is supportive to your new health routine. Open yourself to new financial opportunities at the start of March and the end of September. June brings sweet romance.