Woman Crush: Staz Lindes


Beautiful Staz was picked as the official face of one of the most famous fashion/beauty brands — and it was not a random choice.


The prestigious French fashion maison – YSL Beauté chose her for her beauty, yes, but she is not just beautiful, she is also a rather normal girl, in a way, she looks more like girl-next-door than top model. Her beauty reminds the world of Brigitte Bardot.


It will be hard to summarize this 24-year-old Londoner’s story in just a few lines, because despite her young age, she has a myriad of passions and hobbies. On top of modelling, Staz plays the electric guitar in an all-girl band, and she also loves photography.


She may have inherited all these skills from her parents: her mum was a Russian model in the 1970s, and her dad was part of a rock band. So, basically, Nastassia — that’s her real name — is the incarnation of all modern girls, the ones who don’t just stand there, watching events unfold, but rather take charge, and become the main character of their story.


Taking a peek at her Instagram, we can easily make a guess about her personality — she has a tomboy’s spirit, but she never loses her feminine side, as you can see from her model photoshoots.