Why Anastasia Is Our Ultimate Style Inspiration

Do you remember the movie Anastasia? It’s been 20 years since Twentieth Century Fox released their first ever animation to the world, and we’re seriously reminiscing over the childhood classic, but more importantly, how relevant and cool it still is today. Wondering how? Hip hop legend Aaliyah featured on the soundtrack, Anastasia is totally a feminist and her outfit choices are something we can all take styling tips from.

1. She’s our Sunday dressing inspiration. Messy top knot, gold jewellery and a button-up funnel neck – effortless and mastered in minutes.

2. Because sometimes a blue velvet dress and stand-out accessories is all that will do.

3. The Baker Boy hat has made a serious comeback, and nothing says SS17 like a khaki duster coat.

4. Ruffles, fluted or tied – this season, we’re focusing on sleeve details, and Anastasia is clearly way ahead of the trend…