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What you should do to motivate your employees

Have a strong work ethic

Leaders should walk the talk. If you want employees to work efficiently, effectively, and productively, you have to do the same. If you want them to go to work on time, you have to avoid being late. Set a good example. This is how you can initially earn their respect. Do not deliver empty promises and make sure what you say is equivalent to what you will do. By being a role model, you can be a positive influence to the employees working under you.


Be a risk-taker

You should not be afraid to take risks. Sometimes, being brave to take these challenges head on is the key to driving profit into the business. Although it should be done with proper planning and analysis, you have to display courage in taking a leap of faith. Of course, not all risks pay out. That means you should also be honest enough to owe up to your mistakes. This is one quality that is hard to swallow for some leaders. Be brave in making difficult choices but make sure you hold yourself accountable if things do not work out. This quality will give your own employees the courage to take calculated risks too.


Become a mentor

Obviously, you want employees to look at you as a leader. But beyond that, they should also feel that you are a mentor. Esther Wang, founder of JoyTingle, recognises the role of mentors in a successful career. You have to lead and guide them towards the results that will bring the company forward. A mentor has the ability to discover the best qualities of their employees. You need to know how to cultivate these skills and talents so employees can realise and act on their full potential. Give wisdom and then step back as the employees take the reins. You will not only train the best employees, you will also earn their respect and loyalty.


Display authenticity
In everything that you do, you have to be genuine. Hidden agendas may be good for business, but try to avoid it when it comes to managing people. It makes employees feel used and unappreciated. It is very important to make employees feel like they matter in the company. It will encourage them to communicate their thought and ideas and will boost their confidence. When you have a confident workforce, it will help the business stay competitive. Obviously, that confidence has to start from your authenticity. Make sure you live your personal brand so you can be a great role model. This will leave a powerful impact on those around you.


Give credit where it is due

The last of the leadership qualities that will improve employee performance learning how to give credit where it is due. Build your team so they can achieve great things – and be recognised for it. Although your guidance played an important role in the success of their career, you have to let them shine on their own. Reward and recognise employees who have performed well. Encourage those who do not. This will motivate them to get out of their comfort zones to achieve greater feats for the business.

If you want your employees to improve their performance and be more engaged in their respective tasks, you have to make sure that you display these leadership qualities.